First Dualtech Technopreneurs Summit


Thirty five years after Dualtech was founded and thirty years since the first graduates of Dualtech’s two-year Electromechanics course completed their studies, the Dualtech alumni association organized a summit of entrepreneurs among its members who are engaged in technology-based services.

There were 14 exhibitors (all Dualtech graduates turned business owners) who came; about 10 other business owners attended (although they did not present), another 10 managers (also alumni) of various companies and roughly 20 graduates (who plan to put up their own business in the future) all went the rounds of various displayed technologies.

Roughly 400 Dualtech students attending in-plant training in various factories came to view the exhibits and listen to the presentations and talks.

The profile of those who presented their companies are as follows:

  • a company that provides environment-friendly heavy industrial products whose owner is a technician graduate who was self-taught in IT and became the MIS manager of a ship management group; from his savings he formed his company with the help of investors and recently ventured into trading of imported salmon for a number of restaurants and hotels
  • another provides precision toolings to various companies in Batangas using high-tech CNC equipment; this company has a subsidiary which provided technical expertise and solutions for most of the wave pool resorts in Bulacan
  • a company engaged in automation and controls of steam equipment and pumps
  • a company which is the exclusive maintenance and service provider of a well-known appliance brand
  • one providing network device solutions to telco companies
  • a freelance consultancy providing robotics solutions and small AI software development projects for a couple of online accounts based abroad
  • one engaged in calibration of industrial test equipment
  • a company that won the CCTV and security technology solutions contract from a beverage manufacturing company.
  • another that is into design and development of prototypes using 3D-printing technology
  • another company that specialized in vacuum technology
  • two companies that are now in the general contracting business but whose main strengths are in electrical solutions
  • and three companies engaged in various industrial services


The work trainees were as excited to move around and view the exhibits, listen to the presentors, observe the featured products and machines in motion. Each one listened attentively as they wanted to learn the new technologies presented to them. The mentors and learning facilitators were visibly inspired as well. This first Technopreneur Summit presented the real possibility that a Dualtech graduate can become an “entrepreneur”, a businessman, owner of his own company without needing a college degree.


A masterclass was also given by the CEO of Allegro Beverages Corporation who founded his company in Houston, Texas several decades ago and have recently joined the roster of Dualtech partners. He expressed his admiration of Dualtech graduates and advised the audience to never trade their integrity before the false altar of business. Finally, the priest who celebrated the Holy Mass himself, an alumnus of Dualtech, reminded everyone during his homily that God invites each one to make one’s work a holy offering.

In the end, the technopreneurs present are grateful for their Dualtech education and affirm that their true capital was the values they learned from Dualtech.

-- 28 July 2018