Mayor of Veruela, Agusan Del Sur delivers H.O.P.E to Dualtech Graduates

veruela-dtc-gradOn May 05, Hon. Mayor Mryna Mondejar from the Municipality of Veruela, Agusan Del Sur was the Guest of Honor and Speaker in Dualtech’s Commencement Exercises. This occasion also had guests and donors of the Dualtech Cafeteria which was inaugurated on the same day.

About 100 graduates received their diploma in Electromechanics Technology. Mr. Mark Joelou Catan from Tayabas Quezon represented the batch with his message of asking for God’s perfect time so their dreams may come into reality.

He was trained and employed at Transcendt Technologies in Binan City. He also received the Merit, Outstanding In-School, In-Plant, and Learning Excellence Award.

As an introduction to the guest speaker, some Veruela scholars performed their Manobo tribe dance. It is a dance simulating the pounding of harvested rice.

Her message to the graduates was about HOPE: Humility, Opportunities, Perseverance, and Efficiency.

She quoted Mother Theresa who teaches “Humility”, she shared, “There are few ways to practice humility: to speak as little as possible of one’s self, to mind one’s own business, not to want to manage other people’s affairs, to avoid curiosity, to accept contradictions and correction cheerfully, to pass over the mistakes of others, to accept insults and injuries, to accept being slighted, forgotten and dislike, to be kind and gentle even under provocation, never to stand on one’s dignity, to choose always the hardest.” She added that the manifestation of humility is to remember people behind ones success.


When their municipality launched the scholarship program for Dualtech, she was hesitant at first. She shared that God enlightened her not to waste this “opportunity” to educate their out-of-school youth to be trained, skilled, productive, enlightened, and morally upright individuals. “It is difficult to find a technical vocational school like Dualtech Center that help scholars from the underprivileged sector to be trained with over a hundred partner companies for employment.” Having accepted the opportunity to partner with Dualtech, she advised the graduates not to let their fear hold them back, and embrace the opportunity and not to waste it.

She understands that Veruela scholars may not have taken the training easily because they now live away from their home and family. It is through “Perseverance” that they can manage to pursue their training and to accept and to understand the things and requirements to succeed. “As you venture to another milestone of your life, it doesn’t matter how you slowly you go, what is important is you do not stop”, she said.

Soon the graduates may get employed in many companies in the country or abroad, she assured them that they are able to cope with the job’s pressure “efficiently” because they have been prepared by Dualtech. “Dualtech Center makes their school and industry trained you in real life work experience. You were also taught how to use your time wisely and spend each minute of your day doing the most important task first.