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Lao Foundation and Its Business of Helping Others

LaoTo eradicate poverty and deliver accessible education have always been a challenge in the development of the country. Across generations, leaders vowed to bring the poverty index down, but the problem remained daunting. Thus, many Filipinos are deprived of education, especially youth and children from poor sectors. 

Luckily, a significant number of organizations dedicate themselves to provide avenues and opportunities for low- income families to access the kind of education they deserve. These foundations work hard to ensure that the poorest of the poor will not be looked over or treated unfairly when it comes to education opportunities. 
On top of the list is the Lao Foundation (LFI),  DSWD- and PCNC- accredited corporate social responsibility arm of D&L Group of Companies. The Lao Foundation has been operating for 10 years now,  and has 11 partner organizations. 

Dualtech Training Center is one of them. 

Dualtech featured by ANC

Dualtech ANCABS- CBN News Center (ANC) featured Dualtech Center last Decemeber 01, 2019. in an article, titled “This vocational school brings its underpriviledged students close to future employers,” presenting two scholars, Radin Celeste and Christian Rosas, from Negros Occidental and Quezon respectively. 

Hanns Seidel Foundation Commemorates 40 years in the Philippines

hsf 2019Dualtech Presents Institutional Highlights


Dualtech Center, a long-time partner of Hanns Seidel Foundation since its establishment in the Philippines in 1982, was invited to the commemoration of the foundation’s 40-year service and development cooperation in the country.


The event which was held at Dusit Thani Hotel in Makati City brought together HSF’s partners and key stakeholders; anchored on the theme, “40 years of HSF in the Philippines: Impact and Challenges.” Part of the program was “a walk-through exhibit” to showcase the project highlights and activity milestones of non- government agency partners.

Fueled by Inspiration

Calzado-2019Today, we are all witnesses to another batch of life stories and testimonies of how technical vocational education and training pave the way for turn-around and offer great possibilities for a much brighter future. As the country preps up for the fourth industrial revolution, ASEAN integration and other developments with the global environment. Our capacity to respond to the challenges that this new economic landscape and work systems will bring shall dictate our competitive edge.” – Dir. Rebecca J. Calzado | Deputy Director General, Partnership and Linkages Office | TESDA