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Fostering the culture of apprenticeship

By Dr. Bernardo M. Villegas

bmvillegasA German friend of mine, Paul Schaefer, recently passed away. Thanks to him and the Hans Seidel Stiftung, the German foundation he headed for more than 20 years, a good part of Philippine industry has seen the inculcation of the very healthy culture called dualvoc (work-study) which is the German approach to the apprenticeship system. Tens of thousands of young workers, the great majority of them coming from the poorest families all over the Philippines, have acquired the necessary qualifications that have made them very employable in leading manufacturing and services enterprises requiring high-level technical skills, whether mechanical, electrical, or electronics. To cite just one notable example, many of them were absorbed by Lufthansa Technik in the maintenance and repair of some of the most technologically sophisticated airplanes, not only for Lufthansa but for other international and national airlines. These graduates of the dualvoc system (called dual tech in the Philippines) earn wages much above the minimum wage even when they are still in their early twenties. <Read more...>


Partnership for the Greater Good

j_chipeco“I know that the success of dual system depends on the cooperation of the Dualtech and its partners. Without its partner companies, the virtue of the working will not be experienced by our students. We will continuously support the mission of Dualtech for the benefit of the greater good...” -- Hon. Antonio Joaquin “Jun” Chipeco | 2nd District Representative, Laguna

Mga Kuwento ng Tagumpay

fjsongsong"Nakakatuwang malaman na maraming kwento ng tagumpay mula sa buhay ng mga nag sipagtapos sa Dualtech, at ngayon ay posibleng madagdagan pa ang mga eto ng mga kwento ninyo. I am sure everyone knows what a corn seed is, when you plant a corn seed on a healthy soil you don't get corn seed, but a corn. It's because the harvest is always greater than what is planted, as long as its nurtured properly. This applies to what we have right now, we are witnesses to the combined product of your dedication, discipline and perseverance of our graduates, the unwavering love and guidance of our dear parents, the commitment and patience of our trainers, learning facilitators in Dualtech and invaluable support of industry partners."  -- Deputy Director General Rebecca Calzado | Represented by Ms. Floramel Joy C. Songsong, Chief (Chief TESDA Specialist)

Industrial Coordination Course

ic-courseTESDA taps Dualtech Center for its DTS Course for TESDA Regional Officers

TESDA Regional Officers attended a Basic Course in Dual Training System (DTS) hosted by Dualtech and its partner companies.

The Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) sent its officials to attend a 3-Day Program on Dual Training System (DTS) Promotion and Implementation at TESDA Women's Center, Dualtech Center, and in its three DTS partner companies.

Teachers Second

dep-ed-wvp-k-12The one-day seminar on work values for K to 12 teachers was very essential and timely to us teachers for us to appreciate more our duty and be inspired again and again despite work-pressure.” -- Seminar Participant

Cheater, is a result when we rearrange the letters in the word teacher. It may serve as a reminder for teachers -or for any professional- to give the best in fulfilling ones work. We don’t cheat our employer of what is due them.