Industry leaders gather for the Go Industry 2024: Driving Towards a Net Zero Industry Conference by Dualtech and Schneider Electric

Dualtech Center gathered company partners and other industry locators to discuss sustainable practices and strategies to achieve net zero emissions. The Go Industry 2024: Driving Towards a Net Zero Industry conference was held at The Mills Country Club in Canlubang, Calamba City last June 5, 2024.

The conference aimed to promote collaboration and knowledge sharing among high-growth companies. By exploring new technologies and best practices, the goal was to catalyze actionable steps, policies, and partnerships that would drive industries towards becoming eco-friendly, sustainable, and resilient.

Mr. Virgilio G. Lorenzo, representative of the Laguna Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) opened the event with a warm welcome. “As we come together to explore strategies and foster partnerships, let us remember the long-term impact of our actions,” Mr. Lorenzo stated. “By embracing sustainable practices and investing in clean technologies, we mitigate climate change and unlock new opportunities for economic growth and prosperity. Together, let’s start a course towards a greener, more resilient future.”

Mr. Raul Villegas, Chief of Staff and Executive Assistant, expressed gratitude to Dualtech Center and Schneider Electric for organizing the event. Speaking on behalf of Climate Change Commission Vice Chairperson and Executive Director Robert E.A. Borje, he emphasized, “Your commitment helps not just the government but all Filipinos in achieving our Net Zero Goals. While the road ahead is long, we hope Schneider Electric continues to inspire others to join us in attaining our climate agenda.”

A representative from the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) provided updates on sustainable development goals, while Dr. Pei Song Chua, Business Development Manager from Chemicals Schneider Electric East Asia, presented on Decarbonizing Industrial Operations. On the other hand, Ms. Paula Nunag, Services Director at Schneider Electric Philippines, discussed modernization, upgrades, and safety services.

In closing, Dr. Marvin P. Adolfo, Consultant at Dualtech Training Center, highlighted the significance of Schneider Electric’s support. “Their support is valuable in helping us develop a more competitive future skilled workforce and advance our Technical-Vocational program,” Dr. Adolfo said. “We are grateful for this awareness campaign to achieve net zero emissions and sustainable operations.”

Mr. Abraham Lim, Industrial Automation and Secure Power Director at Schneider Electric Philippines, concluded with a call to action. “We are behind in our Sustainable Development Goals, but let’s see this as a wake-up call,” Mr. Lim urged. “We innovate with sustainability as the key driver. Let’s take that first step towards accelerating our journey by partnering with Schneider. We want to partner with you to further your sustainability journey.”

The Go Industry 2024 conference successfully brought together key players to discuss and commit to sustainable practices, highlighting the importance of collaboration and innovation in achieving a net zero future.


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