Twelve new partners from various industries receive DTS Accreditation Certificates

“This program is a powerful catalyst for creating a workforce that is not only skilled but also tailored to the specific needs of our industry.” With these words, TESDA Provincial Director Ava Heidi Dela Torre described the significance of the agency’s awarding eleven partners with their DTS (dual training system) accreditation held in Dualtech.

With this certification from  the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) , Dualtech Center welcomed the companies as new dual-training system (DTS) partners. On hand to witness the awarding was TESDA Laguna’s Ms. Maritess Caballero as representative of the provincial  director. As represented by their respective corporate officers, the awardees came from a variety of industries, from fast-moving consumer goods and manufacturing, to automotive, and water technologies, among others. Elsewhere in her remarks, PD dela Torre once more described for everyone the essence of DTS: “The dual training system as we all know is an enterprise based program, it is an innovative approach to vocational education that combines the strength of both classroom learning and on the job training. ”

These partners’ collaboration with Dualtech enables them to apply the leading dual-training system strategy in their workplace, while at the same time empowering them to train young people to become high-value technical professionals. These companies would soon be discussing with Dualtech what programs and strategies — from scholarships, to training, and to employment — suit the specific needs of all stakeholders.

In his opening message for the ceremony, Dualtech President Engr. Jerry Webb E. Muhi said that he expects companies to follow up soon their demand for in-plant trainees. He thanked the companies for their valued contribution: “As we partner with companies, we’re trying to really see how we can nurture and further improve the Dual Training System here in the Philippines. We’re not only touching the lives of our boys but we are also in a way scratching the surface of this tremendous gap between education and that of employment.”

As they accepted their certificates, the firms gave insightful remarks as to why they chose to participate in the dual training system program. They also shared about their in-plant implementation of training for DTS Trainees.

Ms. Maricor Lucido is a Business Unit HR manager from D&L Premium Foods Corp. and Natura Aeropack Corporation. These are sister companies that both lead in the oleochemicals industry. She told the audience that their group of companies aim for a sustainable and competent workforce: “With the program of TESDA and Dualtech in partnership, we are given the opportunity to train this young generation to become better in the future not just technically but also values wise, attitudinal wise, and with culture fit, the right people for the right company. Now we are very happy that we are part of that development and this will also be a flagship program for us so that we can help these scholars become future engineers…. This is not just a program that is only for now but this is a program that is built to last.” Insofar as training is concerned, “they have a program starting off with our operations capability program which is composed of operations, government, safety, leadership soft skills training that are given to them in the first year of their orientation with us. Afterwards, they are sent to an extension program in instrumentation and control.”


Mr. Michael A. Dela Paz, Engineering Manager at Betafoam Corporation, reflected on how his Dualtech roots would benefit Betafoam: “Betafoam took in Dualtech trainees because I myself am from Dualtech.   This is also my way of giving back to Dualtech. Our plan is that after 6 months, we will take in more trainees since feedback has been so good. Our president was well-versed about Dualtech and so he readily gave approval for the latest batch.”Betafoam Corporation specializes in insulation and packaging solutions.  The company currently has 2 trainees from Batangas and Manila.


Industry partner S3A MANUFACTURING is a growing business specializing in printing and forming laminated tubes for companies of all sizes. As it acquired its DTS certification,  Ms. Moriah Joyce L. Sibayan of S3A’s HR Department explains why they selected Dualtech as a collaborator: “We decided to [hire trainees from] Dualtech because we have an alumnus from Dualtech, who happens to be one of our best employees. We agreed to train them so that in case they wish to stay and work, we are ready for that. Hopefully we get more Dualtech trainees to work with.”


Procter and Gamble, a consumer goods giant, knows very well the dual training system. Moreover, they have already made their first Dualtech hire for full time employment and they now foresee expanding the partnership to include a pilot internship program. Mr. Paolo Miguel Laureta, HR Senior Manager of Procter & Gamble Philippines, shared how they keep track of their trainees’ upskilling: “The training that we have for Dualtech is [the same as] for the full time employees. We have shop training where we teach them on loss elimination and deeper knowledge on components such as fasteners, drives, pneumatics, etc. Then we deployed them to their departments and got to know how their business works. I hope this partnership with Dualtech continues for a very long time.”

The next following awardees focused on the question of what specific skills or competencies are in high demand at their respective facilities.

First Philec is one of the country’s leaders in providing electrical distribution equipment and co-created solutions in the Philippines. Mr. Francis Targante from First Philec Inc.’s Talent Engagement and Development Lead describes how Dualtech helps them address their company’s need for specific technical talent: “With the current expansion, we are also expanding our manpower that is why we are partnering with Dualtech for DTS training…and sustainability of our workforce. Electromechanics is very fitting to what we require but for the skills… it’s already in the curriculum of Dualtech. [It’s] an opportunity also to help our less fortunate youth. I have so many friends here in Dualtech and actually became a mentor to some …One of the graduates is already teaching here. The most unique selling proposition of Dualtech is not just competency acquisition but also spiritual and values formation.”


With its presence in the heart of Carmelray Industrial Park, Techduo Multipurpose Cooperative is able to monitor shifting demand for essential staff competent in facilities maintenance and preventive maintenance. Techduo General Manager Mr. Al Sibal shared insights as to why he thinks the likes of Dualtech trainees will remain in high demand: “There is really high demand, there is always need for preventive maintenance of airconditioning units, filter cleaning, drain pipe declogging and parameter recording. [This includes experts in the] troubleshooting of these equipment.” At present, two trainees from Calamba and Manila work with Tech Duo Cooperative.

Xylem is a global water technology provider helping customers from various industries and sectors address various water challenges. Xylem’s HR Manager, Ms. Shiela Delmo, explains how Dualtech contributes to Xylem beyond just operational concerns or technical competencies: “[Through] the program that we are building with the DTS [we are able to] cover the competencies that [our company] needs…. We are not just focusing on operational skills but more on the behavioral so if we think that the student has this right attitude, skills can always be just trained. I do believe that we will have a better workplace overall if we have the right attitude in our company. Dualtech has this very good values foundation which I personally see.”

“The trainees will be multi-skilled, capable of bringing along valuable skills to wherever he could excel,” said Mr. Enrico Arpilleda, Vice President of Manufacturing in Terrafirma Motors Corporation. He envisions well-rounded employees, as he continued: “What we need in the plant are assemblers, and they will learn skills like welding, grinding… students who are good in designing can be placed in product development, so it’s just not just in the assembly line. They could also be placed in process engineering. They will all get to experience the assembly to bodyshop, to painting to trim and finally, to quality control, and also to after sales service. They program we have in mind will evolve on those areas.” Terrafirma Motors Corporation (TMC), is a company under the umbrella of the Columbian Autocar Group, one of the leading and most experienced automotive groups.

Newton Electrical and Equipment is a service engineering company, specifically for motors, transformers, and generators.  Ms. Christine May A. Chan, HRAD Manager, describes the skillsets Newton would appreciate among trainees: “We are looking for someone who is competitive and sustainable… Some of our technicians and specialists are [Dualtech] graduates… So when they hear we need trainees from Dualtech they are very excited. We need a young workforce who will one day take the place of our engineers in the future. Skilled trainees coming from Dualtech are really a big help to us.”

Hanston Properties, Inc. is a partner engaged in real estate development. Ms. Frances Mae Esquinas, HR Manager, explained how their workforce will be focused in the coming years to address company priorities: “The skills that we need is mostly to cater to BPO’s through facilities maintenance and preventive maintenance.Our future trainees will be part of the building operations department, [for roles like] aircon technician, electrician, mechanical, STP, and Plumber.”

Lastly, Mr. Matthew Mendoza, HR-Admin Assistant of Forgems Corporation echoed everyone’s general sentiment that they are in most need of “those who can maintain our machines and we talked with Dualtech…Also, with what I heard about Dualtech, they are the perfect candidate to aid our company. And we also can help them as well in growing their professional career.”

In closing, Mr. Lito Mabanta from the Board of Directors of Dualtech expressed gratitude to the companies, as well as TESDA, for their commitment and understanding of the value of the dual training system.


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