Dualtech Center hosts plant tour for Deped officials in Bohol and Negros Oriental at D&L Premium Foods and Shims in batangas

The Dualtech Center organized an industry immersion through factory tours for officials from the DepEd Bohol Division Office, DepEd Tagbilaran City, and DepEd Negros Oriental. This visit was part of Dualtech’s Work Values and Dual Training System immersion program to familiarize the delegates with Dualtech’s training program.

Ms. Maricor V. Lucido welcomed the guests and presented a brief company profile, including the current status of the Dual Training System partnership with Dualtech Center. Ms. Lucido also introduced the products and facilities of D&L Premium Foods Corp., emphasizing the potential of Dualtech trainees to eventually become supervisors and managers. “The trainees have so much potential, which is why we are happy to partner with Dualtech,” Ms. Lucido remarked.

Mr. Ryan Inoy followed with videos that provided insights into the company. He shared that they are collaborating with subject matter experts and Dualtech for the training program of their in-plant trainees. He also conducted a safety orientation before the delegates toured the facilities.

After the tour, Mark Joseph Mesiona, a Natura Aeropack trainee from Carmen, Bohol, and a Lao Foundation scholar, shared his story and described how he joined Dualtech to help his family in the province and became a guide for his siblings. Mark highlighted how he easily adapted to the new environment and the Electromechanics training he received, which covered mechanical, electronic, electrical, and welding skills. He expressed gratitude to Dualtech and to his seniors and supervisors at D&L Premium Foods and Natura Aeropack for their guidance.

Mark also recommended Dualtech to his fellow Boholanos, stating that he never regretted joining the program. His training, which ends in July 2024, has prepared him well for a future at Natura Aeropack Corp. Following his speech, a delegate from Bohol announced that 17 students from Carmen, Bohol, will be coming to enroll in Dualtech.

Dr. Fay Luarez, Assistant Schools Division Superintendent from DepEd Bohol, expressed her gratitude for witnessing the firsthand experience at D&L Premium Foods. She thanked D&L for supporting Dualtech scholars and appreciated the opportunities and values imparted to students, preparing them for successful careers.

Ms. Concepcion A. Tubal, Education Program Supervisor from DepEd City Division Office, Tagbilaran City, shared her positive impressions, noting it was her first time visiting Dualtech and participating in a plant tour. She praised and thanked Dualtech for nurturing learners from Tagbilaran, with more than 100 already employed, including one in Japan. She promised to encourage more Senior High School learners to study at Dualtech.

The tour continued at SHI Manufacturing, where Ms. Sheryl Coronel, HR Manager, presented a video about the company’s profile and services. Mr. Hiroji Okamoto, Chairman, President, and CEO of SHI Manufacturing and Services Philippines, welcomed the delegates, encouraging them to enjoy the tour and ask questions if needed.

Mr. Raffy Panganiban, a SHIMS employee and Dualtech alumnus from Batangas, shared his journey since being hired in 2004. He credited Dualtech for teaching him essential skills and values, including the importance of integrity and professionalism.

Mr. John Marth Oaquirrea, another SHIMS employee and Dualtech alumnus from Bicol, recounted his experiences during a global crisis and the value of perseverance. He emphasized the importance of the values formation at Dualtech, which he applied in his role as a team leader in welding.

Mark Judeth Almedilla, a SHIMS trainee from San Miguel, Bohol, was the third to share his testimony during the visit. He admitted feeling nervous when he first arrived at Dualtech, as the experience was entirely new to him and his 37 companions. Having worked as a construction worker before, Almedilla found himself away from his family for the first time. Despite the initial anxiety, Mark Judeth embraced the opportunity at Dualtech.

Joseph Francis Miras, another SHIMS trainee, hails from Anda, Bohol. He shared how he moved from the countryside to the city after graduating from Senior High School. Like Almedilla, Miras also worked in construction before being recruited by the Alternative Learning System (ALS) to join Dualtech. They even sought assistance from the Mayor to cover their travel costs.

Miras recounted his early days at Dualtech, where he learned to turn to God in times of trouble. For him, the first few months were challenging due to homesickness, but their determination kept them going. Many of his peers found placements in various companies. Both Almedilla and Miras highlighted the invaluable support and opportunities provided by Dualtech, which helped them achieve their goals.

Dr. Neri C. Ojastro, Schools Division Superintendent from DepEd Negros Oriental Division, expressed appreciation for the tour and the opportunity to see the facilities and technologies at SHIMS. Dr. Neri noted the importance of the real-world experience and values instilled in the trainees.

Ms. Carmela M. Restificar, CID Chief from DepEd Division Office Bohol, highlighted the exceptional education, skills, and values provided by Dualtech and its partners. She encouraged learners to enroll at Dualtech, confident that it would brighten their futures.

Ms. Sheryl Coronel concluded the visit by thanking everyone for their participation. She noted it was the first time SHIMS had hosted an external tour and hoped for continued support and collaboration in the future.

The visit showcased the strong partnership between Dualtech and its industry partners, emphasizing the critical role of hands-on training and values formation in preparing students for successful careers.


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