Mentoring is Win-Win


“Dualtech ang naging daan kung paano ko pagsikapan at ibigay ang buo kong kakayahan sa bawat trabaho, sa bahay man o kumpanya.” This conviction was the tool Reymart Elazegui carried when Dualtech sent him to Boston Semi Equipment for his company training. He has no money to start with, nor powerful patrons to back him up to find a good company. It turned out that what Dualtech has been providing him –  holistic personal values formation with skills training, is the most important companion in his work as trainee.

Dualtech Training Center offers 2-year Electromechanic Technology course open for high school graduates. The first 6 months is devoted to the basics of trade skills training in electrical, mechanical, and electronics. Hand-in-hand with these, Dualtech provides personal and spiritual values training to students. Good human behavior and noble way of thinking based on the enduring Christian values are given emphasis in the day-to-day activities of the trainees in the school. The remaining 18 months are done by deploying the trainees in different cooperating companies where they can acquire appropriate job skills and attitude needed by workers to qualify for the differing demands of the companies. At the end of the 18 months, the trainees must be able to live up to companies expectations.  

The most demanding task in implementing the formation program of Dualtech is Mentoring. This is in the form of group meetings in a classroom setup every week, or individual meetings between a trainee and a mentor. In one-on-one mentoring, trainees are assigned with mentors who meet up with them on a regular basis. The mentor finds time twice a month, at least, to converse with his mentee (trainee). In the course of their conversations, trainees are encouraged to talk most of the time relating their concerns about their personal lives, studies, family, struggles, and work. In this way, the mentor would be able to guide the trainee in making sound decisions in any particular situation of his life. The mentor, while talking with the trainee, is obliged to maintain an atmosphere of freedom and respect for the dignity of the person. And whatever there is that the trainee confided to the mentor, he must handle it with extreme confidentiality, so that the trust afforded to him by the trainee may not be destroyed. All of these are considerations that the mentor must always bear in mind.

One good result of the mentoring program of Dualtech can be seen in the way the trainees perform in their assignments in the companies where they are deployed. Companies would love Dualtech trainees because they show respect to their superiors and colleagues. They are disciplined and industrious. They do their job better and better each day as a result of their understanding of the virtue of justice, and all other human virtues taught to them by the school, especially during the mentoring days. Therefore, the first who benefit from the mentoring program of Dualtech are the partner companies themselves because the trainees, though still young, are already efficient workers, who contribute to the overall productivity of the workplace.

When Reymart finishes his training with his sponsor company in February 2016, he will have acquired so much work skills, and at the same time helps the company fulfill its corporate objectives.