Because It’s There

“Because it’s there”, is the reply of mountain climbers when asked “Why do you climb mountains?”  A mountain not conquered is an opportunity.

tacloban-boys“Because it is there” are the replies of the students from Tacloban, Bohol, and Palawan when asked “Why are you here in Dualtech?”  These students could have taken the passive way after the calamities struck their respective provinces.  There are students whose houses were crushed by a ship that run aground.  These students saw their parents remain strong during a dark moment.  These students, who experienced untimely maturation, have a mountain to climb. 

“Because it's there” are the replies of the parents of these students to the question “Why send your son to Dualtech?”  For some of the parents, their sons are really the only hope that they have to a better life.  These parents are exhausted and squeezed out from the ordeal they suffered.  Yet with what they have left, they send their son to study in Dualtech.  These parents, who have climbed so many mountains, has another mountain to climb -the education of their son.

“Because it's there” is the response of Dualtech to the query “Why enroll those students?”  An act of solidarity for the most underprivileged in society.  The school could have been satisfied by helping the poor in the surrounding communities.  But it sought out the poorest of the poor in the disaster struck provinces.  Dualtech’s mountain keeps getting higher and higher.palawan-boys

The mountain climbers do not just go gung ho and scale every mountain they see.  There is a lot of preparation to be done.  The students are motivated.  They promised to help their parents.  The parents will sell their carabao, just so that their son can finish his education.  Dualtech has loaned the tuition, project and miscellaneous fees for these students.

“Because it's there. . . THEY are there.” may be the response of donors and sponsors when helping these students.  There are over 200 students from Tacloban, Bohol, and Samar presently enrolled at Dualtech.  These students need assistance in their living expenses i.e. food, transportation, board and lodging, meals, medical check up, uniform, etc. Let us all be mountain climbers.

bohol-boysFor those who would like to join the trek you may contact Rodolfo Sta. Ana III, at or 09175050773 for details.  They would be glad to discuss details.