Be a Sponsor

How can you help?

  1. Adopt a scholar 
  2. Support your own scholar
    • Personal - your relatives
    • Group - from your province or parish
  3. Assist a scholar. 
    • You may simply want to provide partial help of any amount. We can arrange for the beneficiary to open an account where you can deposit your assistance.
  4. Sponsor Items: Meals or Fares or Lodging or Uniform or Safety Shoes or Tools and Materials or all, etc. (See the Item List)
  5. Donate to the school.
  6. Refer scholars.
  7. Be a Volunteer.


  1. Banco De Oro (BDO)    Account Numbers: 000-890-128-693
  2. Bank of Philippine Island (BPI)    Account Numbers: 8461-0023-32

Contact us for more details.