Be active as Alumnus

Your school is your "alma mater" (Latin for soul-mother). Did you ever leave it behind? for good?

Whether you were an alumnus from any of its former campuses - Mantrade-Makati, Boni-Mandaluyong, EDSA-Pasay, Binondo-Manila, -- or from its remaining campus in Canlubang-Calamba, you are from Dualtech. As some alumni have already said, you bear the "Tatak-Dualtech", and you belong to "Pamilyang-Dualtech."

To forget one's alma mater is perhaps even to risk losing one's own identity ...

Your school deserves your visit. You may drop by.

Available Services:

  1. Be part of our Alumni Association.
  2. Request for Credentials (On-line) or Download this form and send to
  3. Seek or offer Career Enhancements or Opportunities. (Check our Alumni Facebook Page).

Provide Support:

  1. Do Campaigns with us
    • Visit your former High School or Barangay or Parish
    • Send your office or work-mates' children
    • Or simply refer students
  2. Support Scholars
    • Personal - your relatives
    • Group - from your province or parish
  3. Refer prospects to "Be a Sponsor"
  4. Help your company to "Be a Partner"
  5. "Be a Volunteer"
  6. Participate in survey/s

Contact us for more details.