About Us

Dualtech is a private vocational school project established in 1982 that pioneered in adapting the German Dual Training System in the Philippines. The center trains over a thousand scholars from the poor sectors of society each year and partners with over a hundred companies in training them for eventual employment.

What We Do

We train:

  • High-school graduates to be employed by partner-companies
  • Industrial workers sent to upgrade skills
  • Supervisors and engineers to further hone training and mentoring skills with emphasis on work values

We partner with:

  • Over 100 manufacturing and service companies
  • More than 300 high schools who refer high school graduates
  • Friends and Foundations who provide help

We ask people and firms to cooperate by providing:

  • In-plant training venue
  • Scholarships, Donations, and Grants

We adapt Dual Training:

  • Our Training Plan is jointly developed by Dualtech and Partner-companies.
  • Course run for 24 months, the first 6 months spent in school, the next 18 months involves a weekly 1 day in-school and 5 days in the factory.

We focus on integral human development:

  • Mentors conduct regular life-coaching sessions with every student.
  • Our students may avail of various spiritual activities and ask for appointment with the school Chaplain.

We accept for enrollment:

  • Applicants who are single, male, 18-22 years of age, and graduates of high school
  • Passers of qualifying exams and interviews.
  • With parents' or guardians’ consent for those below 18 years of age