Partners Testimony

Sonion Philippines, Inc.

When Sonion Philippines started its operation in 2012, they approached different educational institutions in search of the most qualified and talented personnel that would handle the technical demands of their production line. Finally, in 2016, Sonion Philippines came in contact with Dualtech Training Center because of the Electromechanics program it is offering, which was exactly what they needed. As of this year, 65% of the total population of Sonion trainees are from Dualtech Center, and they absorbed 90% of these trainees to be part of their technical department.

EMD Technologies, Inc.

nexem-emd-1Dualtech and its guests are welcomed in one of the world’s leading manufacturers of automotive power relay, Electromechanical Devices (EMD) Technologies. Dualtech and EMD Technologies are in partnership since 2014 in delivering technical experiences among the trainees that would make them adept in the needs of the changing manufacturing sector.

Some trainees and alumni, who are now part of the workforce of EMD Technologies shared their inspiring stories, as to how Dualtech Center and its partner company changed the events of their lives.

Dualtech Partners: The People Behind the Success of DTS

dzas-april2019One of the challenges technical education is facing nowadays is the common misconception of difficulty in career progression compared to degree holders. In an attempt to eradicate this negative public mindset, thus celebrating the success stories of tech-voc graduates in the fields, specifically, of manufacturing and servicing, DZAS invited several partner companies of Dualtech Center. Those who openly rendered their time for an interview were TUV Rheinland, Allegro Beverages, HKR Equipment and Gentrade International.

Ethiopian Government sends its TVET ministers for Benchmarking

tvet-ethiopiaThe Ethiopian Federal TVET Agency, Federal TVET Institute of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education visited Dualtech Center for the institutional benchmarking to develop its human resources following the academe and industry collaboration. The study tour also aimed to help the Ethiopian Government to address the domestic challenges and problems for social and economic development through quality skills training.

Dualtech, Industry Partners Join the First Laguna Employment Summit

employment-summit-2019aDualtech Center joined other academic, industrial, and government sectors in the first Laguna Employment Summit 2019 held at the LLC Hall, Central II, Calamba City, Laguna on March 27. Aligned with the theme, “Working Towards a Responsive Employment Framework”, this initiative aimed to establish a framework that seeks to address the mismatch between industry needs and the quality and employability skills of jobseekers.  

Enchanted Kingdom

Faith, Magic and the Technical Education In-Between

Dualtech Commencement Exercises, January 2019

ek2Picture a young man, after hurdling over unstable jobs- from chicharon to balut vendor who wandered seemingly endless nights as contractual employee, trying to make ends meet to help support his family, finished a two-year technical program, at the top of his batch, and, assured, a regular position in his dream job.

Picture an older man who came from a well- off family who followed his childhood dream of starting a theme park- the country’s first of its kind; a place so thrilling and magical in his eyes when he was nine.