Top Cooperating Companies in 2018

2018-best-co-partnersOn its 36th Founding Anniversary, Dualtech Center bestowed the Top Cooperating Companies in 2018 during the Commencement Exercises on November 10, 2018. The awardees were nominated by trainees, industry coordinators, and selected by an award committee with the criteria of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) partnership, Training Quality, Employment in both quantitative and qualitative terms, and support for trainees.

Dualtech Goes Green with Binhi at Ani Festival

binhiani-1Dualtech’s Partners Day ended in a flurry of sunshine and an array of healthy, take home vegetables, as attendees were treated to a harvest festival at the agricultural lot located inside the campus.


Guests indulged in filling their bayongs with fresh fruits and vegetables, courtesy of the garden where Dualtech student-volunteers manage with the help of Eastwest Seed Foundation. The representatives of partner companies were able to partake of natural harvests cultivated and maintained in the garden, with crops ranging from papayas, to tomatoes, chili, eggplant, and cucumber, among others.

The Magic is in You

cmmamonLife has a way of throwing challenges and obstacles when we least expect it. The key is  always have that readiness to hurdle whatever it is that comes our way.  Big or small, you must find a cue to move forward and carry on. I hope for a fact that the scholars, many of you are burdened by many reasons, some may have a life easier than others, but I am confident that you are all made of stronger stuff with resolved determination and attitude as you sail through the tough times- which did not break, instead, make you. -- Mr. Cesar Mario O. Mamon | Chairman and President, Enchanted Kingdom

Be Grateful

ibo-markTumatak sa akin ang salitang GRATITUDE o PAGPAPASALAMAT.  Binago nito ang tingin ko sa buhay. Ako ay nagpapakumbaba sapagkat lahat ay hindi, “entitled” sa kahit ano sa buhay. Ibinigay ito sa iyo ng mga taong may mabuting-loob. Kaya’t ito ay dapat ipapasa din natin sa iba, sapagkat dahil dito ay mapagbubuti din ang ating sariling loob. Hayaan nating magpatuloy magdulot ito ng pagbabago tungo sa kabutihan, “LET THE MAGIC CONTINUE!” -- MARK LAURENCE IBO | Batch Representative | Awardee, Gold Merit, Out-standing In-School and In-Plant, Learning Excellence, Trained and Employed at Enchanted Kingdom

Let us be S.M.A.R.T. in our 2019 Resolutions!

Year-of-the-Youth-2019Ultimately, and changing the order of the three CBCP-cited key traits of the Filipino youth, being S.M.A.R.T. will yield more bountiful fruits if the youth will likewise humbly and trustingly B.E.G. for God’s graces so that he grows in awareness, acknowledgment, acceptance and assimilation of his being a beloved, empowered and gifted child of God that he truly is. After all, Jesus Christ Himself reminded us that “apart from Me, you can do nothing” (John 15:5); or more positively, as He inspired St. Paul to declare, “I can do all things in Him who strengthens me!” (Phil 4:13).  -- Rev. Fr. Peter EM Cabreros