Making The Magic Happen

EK1Sounds of laughter everywhere. Screams of joy all over the place. Smiling people everywhere you look. Magic moments at Enchanted Kingdom (EK). Operating since 1995, the park is the first and only world-class theme park in the Philippines. Boasting of rides and attractions located within seven themed zones of EK.

For some visitors, the trip to EK is something that they have saved up for their whole lives. They have dreamed about this for years, or even decades. Visitors from all around the country have made EK a “must visit” in their itinerary.  Imagine, the whole “magical experience” depends on the rides working efficiently, the trouble-free machines, etc. 
These magic moments are made possible by the people working behind the scenes. Under the tutelage of EK Technicians, these scholars are “sorcerer’s or wizard’s apprentice.”  The wrench as their wand, lubricants as their potions, these Dualtech Scholars ensure everything runs smoothly. 

The partnership between Dualtech and Enchanted Kingdom is barely 3 years old. The partnership was brought about by EKs mission: “Through the spirit of participation in education-related undertakings, the theme park can greatly help in the future of the country’s educational backbone.” 

A group of DepEd and Local Government Unit personnel were taken for a tour of EK. In numerous instances, Local Government Units and the Department of Education assist in recruitment of students. The group visited the Dualtech Scholars who are fulfilling their in-plant training requirements.

During the tour, the group listened to the testimonies from the scholars. These scholars have different backgrounds. But one thing they have in common: they experienced hardships. As trainee Mark Ibo described: “Since high school graduate lang po ako, ang pwede ko lang pag-applyan is under agency. Under agency, doon ko po naranasan yung mga pagsubok, …  naranasan ko meron pong regular employee na parang discriminated po ako kase limited po yung pwede kong gawin.”

The scholars’ appreciated most the personal, professional and spiritual formation received at Dualtech. Mark Ibo summarized it well: “Yung tiningnan ko po bilang Duatech is yung virtue and work. Nagpapasalamat din po ako sa Dualtech kasi doon ko po natutunan yung Virtue at dito sa Enchanted Kingdom is yung Work.”

Speaking for the group, Jean Saturinas, from DepEd Bohol, seconded Mark’s observation. “Truly Dualtech [is] a living example of [an] institution that really shapes the whole personality of the individual and we are so lucky to have Dualtech for Bohol Division for this purpose because we see the life of our learners, especially the ALS passers, have changed not only financially but spiritually  and then the totality aspect.”

All scholars are grateful to Dualtech, EK and DepEd. As Wilfredo Tac-an beautifully described the relationship “Ngayon na-feel ko na ang DepEd yung foundation, then ang Dualtech yung bridge, then yung mga lights na nandon is the  Enchanted Kingdom. Napapansin ko is yung bridge ng buhay ko is napaka magical.” Renato Reynon simply expressed: “eto yung daan para mas madali ako makatulong sa pamilya ko.” And that’s why at “Enchanted Kingdom The Magic Lives Forever!”