A Decade of Charity from Lao Foundation

Emman BoloNot for profit. 

In a country marred with poverty and strife, it has become almost customary for companies, families, and individuals to safeguard their money in order to stay afloat. The smallest cent is heavily accounted for. Streams of numbers logged and secured. 

In a culture of closed fists and heavy pockets, a rare gem stands amidst the fray. Lao Foundation, Inc., a family-pioneered team, sits at the center of metropolitan Quezon City and aims to empower the community through education, livelihood, and values formation. It is non-stock, not-for-profit, non-accumulative, and all-heart; committing its efforts and resources to raising impoverished communities out of the mire and giving them the opportunity to grow, prosper, and make waves in their chosen fields. Scholars are fostered from the beginning until they take off in their career—from their family situation, to their academic growth, to their moral upbringing. The brightest are given once-in-a-lifetime scholarships in corporation and countries of their choice; the struggling are guided and mentored until they become as brilliant as their predecessors. 

All these herculean labors-- all this time, money, energy, and resource, are bestowed purely for charity. For the progress of a besieged nation. For the hopes and dreams of young, innovative minds who strive for a better tomorrow. The Lao family, and the D&L group of companies have built this foundation in kindness and good faith; armed with the enduring hope that someday, these bright scholars will help create a community that no longer confines itself in poverty and strife. 
Not for profit. All for heart. 

Scholar’s Testimony
Far within the tilled barangays of  Del Gallego, Camarines Sur, the Bolo family is trying to make ends meet in one of the poorest communities in the country. The family patriarch works as a farmer-- a tenant for land owned by magnates. His wife cares for their five children; all bright, studious boys, who walk an hour or two at most just to attend the nearby school. Though they are entwined in struggle, their hopes are not completely dashed. Their eldest, Emmanuel scoured Del Gallego to search for scholarships to further his education, as well as open opportunities for himself and his brothers. In a serendipitous encounter, he met Dualtech in a parish while a coordinator was talking about the scholarship program. His sheer diligence while undergoing the basic training at Dualtech helped him get a scholarship with Lao Foundation as one of the identified sons of coconut farmers.


Carrying the hopes and dreams of his family and his community, Eman as one of the most promising scholars of Lao Foundation, is finishing a technical course in Dualtech and currently completing his in-plant training at D&L Polymer and Colour (DLPC). He hopes to join any of D&L’s affiliate companies and partners upon his graduation. With the support he receives from Lao Foundation, he is able to provide comfortably for himself and for his family. In time, Eman endeavors to give his family a more comfortable state of living, and hopefully aid their agricultural community by providing resource of his own. With his hard work and determination, and with the support of the Lao Foundation fueling his ambition, Eman’s vision for the future is set on the horizon. 
Witness Eman’s story and nine other success stories from the scholars of Lao Foundation, Inc. in their soon-to- be featured AVP.