EMD Technologies, Inc.

nexem-emd-1Dualtech and its guests are welcomed in one of the world’s leading manufacturers of automotive power relay, Electromechanical Devices (EMD) Technologies. Dualtech and EMD Technologies are in partnership since 2014 in delivering technical experiences among the trainees that would make them adept in the needs of the changing manufacturing sector.

Some trainees and alumni, who are now part of the workforce of EMD Technologies shared their inspiring stories, as to how Dualtech Center and its partner company changed the events of their lives.

Rey Baltazar graduated at Dualtech in 1990 and now working as EMD Technologies’ Section Manager. After working in a Japanese multinational company for five years, he saw a job advertisement in a local newspaper about the job opening in the then NEC Tokkin Philippines (now EMD Technologies). A leap of courage pushed him to apply in the company, and finally started working in September 20, 1996. It turned out that it would be the best decision he made as the company sent him to Japan to train for almost half a year. When he came back in March 1997, he was assigned at Tooling department.

His high regard for work ethics and commendable technical skills opened opportunities  to introduce Dualtech Center to the management of EMD Technologies. As of now, 20 of his 73 regular employees are products of Dualtech Center.

An inspiring story of resiliency and standing after a fall was also shared by another alumnus, Jommel Amistoso. After the super typhoon Yolanda hit his hometown in Leyte, he decided to give up his studies to help his family to survive. However, the adversity he experienced did not bring Amistoso down. His continuous quest to improve the condition of his family brought him to where Dualtech Center, during that time, held its entrance examination for potential scholars.

He admitted that he was half-hearted to leave his family in Leyte and try his luck in a place he had no idea about. Though worried and unsure of what might happen, he cast everything to the Lord and found peace in his prayers.

He finished the race and is now four years working at EMD Technologies, where he also had his in-plant training.

Malaking tulong talaga ang EMD sa akin. Natulungan ko na rin ang pamilya ko sa amin. Di katulad dati na may sahod nga ako pero parang kulang talaga,” he concluded.

An alumnus from Mindoro also shared how Dualtech changed his career from farming and fishing to industrial machinery. Justine Taneo knew Dualtech and its program from a co- alumnus who has also helped a number of young men like him in their province.


Nakaka- excite po na nakakakaba ang unang punta namin sa Dualtech dahil sa probinsya, walang mga ganitong bagay. Nahirapan din po kaming mag- adjust,” he said.

With the brotherly support of his board mates and co-trainees from Samar, Bohol, Cebu and Palawan, he just enjoyed every day- learning new things, both in technical and spiritual. “Natuto ako ng tamang asal, kung paano magsimba at tamang pagsagot sa magulang. [Naliwanagan ako na] ang pagsagot po sa magulang ay hindi tama.”

Angelo Vinas was an Alternative Learning System (ALS) graduate from San Pablo City. Despite the limited experience in schooling, he tried his luck in applying at Dualtech Center through a youth leader who encouraged him and his friend. The program excited him. It was not an easy feat for Vinas, especially that he did not have any experience in technical work. But his interest to learn drove him to finish the Basic program, until he landed at EMD Technologies as a trainee.

He remembered, “Una, natakot po ako  kasi hindi ko po ranas ang magtrabaho. Pero sabi ko na lang sa kanila, wala namang madaling trabaho. Sa pagsisikap mo na lang mapapadali ito.

Now, he is working as a regular technician under Piece Parts department. He also helps new trainees to adjust in the workforce and gives preliminary briefing.

These success stories of Dualtech graduates who have rendered their training at EMD Technologies, according to Ms. Liza Gandollas, are also part of the success of the company in becoming an agent of change among young men.

Natutuwa kami dahil kami ay kasama at parte ng paglago nila to where they are now,” she said. She also commended the holistic approach Dualtech to its students, which are evident despite their company being female dominated.

Her last message to the guests, “We need more. We need your help and your support.”