Dualtech Scholars join SM Foundation Event

sm-fdn-2019Out of 105 million Filipinos, less than 5 percent is a technical-vocational graduate. College students account for 5 percent of the population, and yet 80 percent of them drop- out of college. But 95 percent of the 2 to 3 million tech-voc students graduate and 70 percent of them land jobs while most of the college students are hard up getting jobs.

The statistics above showed that there is a better possibility to get immediately hired after finishing a career in technical education, because of the demand for jobs in manufacturing and services in the Philippines. These, and many other life values, were imparted to about 700 technical- vocational scholars of SM Foundation as they attended general assembly at SM Mall of Asia last October 16, 2018.


“SM Foundation provided you the tools to take- up tech-voc courses and improve your chances of employment. But in the end, how you make use of the tools will spell your success,” said Mr. Joseph Sio, Chairman of SM Investment Corp (SMIC). “Remember these vital lessons I personally learned in life. You need to establish trust in yourself and in your abilities and make yourself trustworthy. Second, you must have a vision of what you want to be in five to ten years from now.”

The 77-year old multi-awarded Chief Financial Officer by several Hongkong based business publications furthered shared work values about hard work and perseverance, commitment, creativity and setting large ambitions.


Present also in the event was Mr. Harley Sy, who, despite an illness that morning, eagerly shared his practical approach in life and in business: (1) having a “can do” attitude- committing to work whatever is given; (2) coming up with a five- year or a ten- year plan with life- setting one’s direction and goals in life; (3) look for a mentor- drawing inspiration from a trustworthy person.

He added, “I am working on attitude. I want people to have their best attitude... You cannot choose your job. Pag once na meron na kayong track record, then you will have a lot of options in front of you so that you can choose the position and job you want.”


To date, SM Foundation has sponsored 120 scholars from Dualtech Center.