Don’t Give Up

jerry-sabacajanA year after his graduation, Jerry Sabacajan worked in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. He stayed there for 11 years as an Electrical and Instrumentation Technician in a leading company in steam system solutions. Because of  his supportive superiors, and an insistent encouragement Dualtech’s Alumni Relations Office, he pursued an Engineering degree (2014) and a Master’s Degree (2016).

With his wide experiences and expertise, fueled by the heart-felt support of those around him, he set up his own company, SABPPTECH SERVICES INCORPORTED. But just like other ventures, entrepreneurship comes with a host of challenges- rewarding challenges but harsh challenges nonetheless. Trying to establish his own brand, adjusting to match or exceed the competition and keeping the business profitable are only some of the challenges the successful alumnus has faced.

It is not easy in business. You should have the discipline and passion in what you are doing.” he mentioned. The reason, according to him, for his success was not giving up. “Be consistent and don’t give up in every battle and difficulty along the way, not only in business, but [also] in life. If you possessed these things, you will never get tired of conceptualizing new strategies to get things done. In business, it should be your expertise that prevails. Knowing your market is very important, too. Connect with young and smart people as your business partners.”

Do not stop dreaming big and high. Push yourself to the limit even if you do not know what is in store for you. To be successful, one will experience a series of mistakes. Learn from these mistakes. Lastly, do no stop learning. As the saying goes, “the illiterate ones in our current time are not those who cannot read and write, rather, those who stop learning,” he added.


SABPPTECH SERVICES INCORPORATED is divided into three major departments, namely: (1) General Engineering projects, integration, energy auditing and consultancy, (2) Trading which includes PLC, SCADA and other field instruments and (3) Plant site and in-house calibration laboratory and instrument calibration..