Business by Design

abinzaAfter graduation at Dualtech in 2002, Aaron Binza knew that there was still much to learn. He understood that it would not be easy- physically, mentally and financially- but the most important thing for him was to never stop learning. He was hired as Shifting mechanic in an apparel company that manufactures and distributes clothes, where he had also rendered his training. As thirsty in knowledge as he was, he transferred to another company in Canlubang as a Mold Set- Up Crew and later, at a Die Technology in Binan, Laguna.

He worked for seven years as machinist. Though earning a competitive salary, he was looking for more- something that could satisfy his initial desire to expand his avenues as life- long learner. He then found about Expanded Tertiary Education Equivalency and Accreditation Program (EETEAP). He qualified to enroll in Mechanical Engineering and graduated after a year. He then got promoted at his company as Design Engineer.

With the new position, I was introduced in 3D designing. I started studying on my own for 3D- drawings and AutoCad. I [know] I had to improve and learn other programs or designing. I studied Solidworks thru e-books, forum and online tutorials. The projects just kept on coming,” said Mr. Binza.


He had to stop his full- time work to fully accommodate the demands of designing. As he continued to be a home- based and freelancer, it dawned to him to put a business. Having an excellent portfolio on 3D designing and a small investment on a 3D printer, he established his own company, Designing and 3D Printing Services.

3D printing is still new to me. I must learn how to control and set the parameters for a better quality of outputs. The attitudes, knowledge and skills I acquired from Dualtech helped me with this,” he recalled.

Even in business, according to him, one still needs to plant goodness in other people. Be considerate. Impart knowledge and don’t take, as much as possible, business at your advantage. “Sooner or later,” he emphasized “you will realize that these people will help you back.”

For his co- alumni that are considering starting their own businesses, this was what Mr. Binza had to say “Have faith. No matter how hard you fall, you need to get up and continue. The process will always be difficult, but the results are as satisfying.”