Dualtech recognizes Partners during the Annual Kapihan (Forum)

partnerday2018Before the word corporate social responsibility became a buzzword of every organization, may it be industrial, academe or government, Dualtech lived the very essence of practicing civic consciousness and responding to social thought of the Church. For this reason, Dualtech has produced graduates of moral values, dignified work ethics and excellent technical know- how. This, together with the concurrent challenge in various industries, was the central concerns discussed on the conducted forum during the Partner’s Recognition Event held at Dualtech Center, October 25.

Participated by 31 guests from 15 companies, the “Kapihan sa Dualtech” aimed to converse with selected companies which, for a long period of time, have worked hand-in- hand with the institution to produce skilled young worker. This was also the time where partner companies were awarded as they celebrated anniversaries with Dualtech.
“We noticed the values that Dualtech has instilled to their trainees. We have different partners all throughout and we noticed the big difference in terms of sensitivity and experience,”Mr. Patrick Cosico, Human Resource Department of Integrated Micro-electronics shared. In 1988, they started the partnership with Dualtech and after a long hiatus, they were happy to bring back its partnership to employ multi-skilled and morally- driven technical personnel. He, together with Mr. Ronald Regalado, received the Plaque of Appreciation for IMI’s 30-year partnership with Dualtech Center.

Honda Cars Philippines, Inc. also set another record as it celebrated 25 years of working abreast with the goals and aspirations of Dualtech Center. It was followed by Amherst Parenterals, Inc., Manila Plastic Products, Inc., Nikkoshi Philippines Corporation, Reynor Arts and Industrial Supplies and Automated Technologies Philippines, Inc, which celebrated two decades of partnership.


An alliance of 15 years was recorded by BAG Electronics, Inc., Honda Philippines, Inc., and The House Printers Corporation. They were followed by companies which signed partnership in 2008 and thus were awarded 10 year- Plaque of appreciation: Yamaha Motor Philippines, Inc., Kilton Motor Corporation, Handling Innovation, Inc., Multi-forms Corporation, Suncoast Brands International Corporation and Artestyn Embeded Technologies.

Lastly, companies, which have five years of affiliation with the dual training system, were also given due recognition. They were Franke Foodservice Systems Philippines, Inc., Atlantic Grains, Inc., Multiflex RNC Philippines, Inc and Tritooling Precision Corporation.

As the awarding concluded, the Master of Ceremonies opened the floor for the Partner’s Forum. Mr. Arnold Morfe, President of Dualtech Training Center, welcomed the guests formally and mentioned three crucial points that would need to be addressed: the relevance of Dualtech system for the next thirty years, the integration of dual training system despite K-12 program implementation, and the demands needed by the companies.

Tackled first was the role of education in adapting to ever shifting industrial processes. The rise of automation, according to Mr. Franz Roland Odethal, German national and the Managing Director of BAG Electronics, was the current issue in manufacturing, as more and more companies were replacing manpower with robotics and artificial intelligence. He pointed that, since this change was inevitable, there was a need for adaptation of education system to the needs of the companies, especially in a changing economy like the Philippines. He also emphasized the important role of supply chain management.

On the other hand, the vital role of Dualtech Center has played in Handling Innovation’s growth was the central message of Mr. Arnold Chung, the company director. “As you all know, technically skilled people are very difficult to find because a lot of them are going abroad. The answer we found is the partnership with Dualtech.” He enumerated the two things Dualtech has, which they, as a company, had not found in other training centers nor schools: highly skilled technical personnel and morally-driven workers. As Handling Innovation appreciated all these efforts, they established their own training center inside their company that catered to many trainees which “help these young men to go further, specialized in their chosen field. And later, help them excel in life.”

Mr. Rolly Ramos, Director of Manufacturing Services of Artesyn Embedded Technologies, seconded the commendation given by his colleague. He mentioned that the general consensus was that both trainees and graduates have very good working attitude. “As we grow our business, we have a lot of fluctuations with the demands. But then again as the business stabilizes, we need permanent heads. And in picking permanent heads, we relied heavily on high technical skills and good training, something the Dualtech and its program have helped industries with.”


These observations were certified by one of the guests, an alumnus and now working as Production Supervisor in Kilton Motors. Mr. Gilbert Lubi, batch A-5, who had rendered his training under Engineering and maintenance department in one of Dualtech’s partner pharmaceutical companies. After graduation, he narrated, he was absorbed readily and stayed there for ten years. However, because of a calling of his co-member at Couples of Christ, he transferred from Engineering to Sales and Marketing.

“Because of the trust, because nakita yung formation namin, ang values, nakapasok ako as internal auditor kahit na hindi naman talaga iyon related sa ginawa ko nang mahabang panahon.” He is a living testimony that a Dualtech graduate is open to embrace challenges, improve himself and study to play varied roles in the company he is serving. Today, he is handling many trainees at Kilton Motors, ensuring each one of them is ready in the professional work before graduation.

In response to the raised concerns, Dr. Bernardo M. Villegas, Dualtech Committee Chairman on Curriculum, reaffirmed the indispensable role that Dualtech Training Center contributes in the country’s economy. Paying attention to smallest details at work, which according to him, was not exactly something the Philippines as a manufacturing country was good at, but was one of the vital characteristics that couldn’t be fully satisfied regardless of the industries’ progressive investment on technological integration.
“As you heard many times, the problem our managers in the past have had is ‘medyo tama, medyo mali- pwede na.’ A typical Filipino who has not given the right value education is “tama na” and mediocre. And I am sure, all of you will say, that is not what we want from our worker and that will never, ever be replaced by artificial intelligence or robots. That is where a graduate of Dualtech an exemption,” he said.

Manufacturing sector would be increasing by leaps and bounds in the coming 10 years. The Philippines, finally, is becoming a manufacturing site for a lot of multinationals. The need to employ people with high moral values, work attitude and professional ethics is as necessitated as the need to increase the production output. Industrial sector relies heavily on highly spirited and value- driven employees- something which Dualtech, at its core, lives for.