DepEd Region VII, Davao Del Norte LGU and Dualtech visit Artesyn Embedded Technologies

artesyn-2018-visitArtesyn Embedded Technologies, one of the world’s largest and most successful power supply companies welcomed Dualtech and its guests for a company tour which highlighted the partnership with Dualtech Center for a decade.

About 20% of our internal hiring- or source of hiring- comes from Dualtech,” Ms. Lorna Godoy, Human Resource Head shared. “They [trainees] are not only good technically, but they also have the right attitude that they have imbibed the Artesyn culture in a very quick and efficient manner.

During the visit, everyone met Mr. William Nufable, Senior Engineer at the company, who graduated at Dualtech Center in 1986. He was among the first, and last, batch of trainees at Johnson and Johnson Philippines.
As he recalled, his exploits as a trainee was not easy. “Ang gamit namin lahat, basic tools. Lahat ng klase ng turnilyo, lahat ng klase ng screwdriver at tools, kailangan kabisado mo bago ka maging matatag na technical person.”
The accumulated skills, and the virtues he lived, opened many avenues for Nufable to soar high in the field of maintenance and engineering. From his humble beginning as a technician in Continental Temic, he was soon promoted as senior technician then Equipment Technician Engineer. He was the one entrusted with the setting and tuning on company start ups in Europe, China, and Mexico.

The alumnus also toured the coordinators inside the production after a short orientation of the company profile and house rules. Inside the production, Nufable, together with his technical team, openly discussed the processes and procedures of assembling their product: power supplies with broad application in the field of communications, military, aerospace, surveillance and signal intelligence.

After the short tour, two scholars from Quezon province and Camarines Norte enthusiastically shared what was like studying at Dualtech and training at Artesyn. One of them was Mr. Den Mark Mercado, who, in his 10th month training, was promoted by his superior to probationary status and was already a regular employee in the company before he even graduated.

The reason for this, according to him, was rooted on the work values they had undergone during  six- month Basic Stage Training Program and supplemental life coaching during ASTP. “Nakita po nila na maayos at flexible po ang mga trainees. Kahit san kami dalhin, sa electrical, mechanical and electronics, halos lahat ng actual skills ay nandoon na sa [pinag- aralan namin habang nasa] Dualtech kaya hindi po kami nahirapang mag- adjust dito sa company.”


Joebert Pablo, another trainee from Camarines Norte, further explained that Dualtech has opened his eyes to the things he neglected before- especially his Christian life. “Naranasanan ko naman po, sa mga subjects ko katulad ng Basic Christian Doctine, kung papano harapin ang mga problema lalo na kapag kami ay pinanghihinaan ng loob. Madami kaming ginagawa na akala namin ay tama pero mali pala katulad ng hindi pagsisimba sa araw ng Linggo, at marami pang iba.

Like any other young men who tried their luck at Dualtech, Pablo was from a poor family in the province, thriving in hand-to-mouth existence.  His desire to pursue a degree after high school drove him to seek opportunities. So when he learned about Dualtech and its offered scholarship program, he didn’t think twice and decided to gamble his luck in the hope of finding a better fortune.

Before the plant tour ended, another set of testimonies were given by representatives from Local Government of Davao del Norte and Lao Foundation. Ms. Christine San Juan from the former complimented the pleasant welcome Dualtech has extended from the moment she arrived until the very day they had the tour. This, according to her, strengthened her aspiration to go to the far- flung areas to share this good news among the depressed, deprived and underprivileged.  

I really have to promise my full commitment to Dualtech,” she said. “You are such an inspiration to young people. Doon rin ako sobrang nagagalak, na you are not just training people to become productive, but of course, God- loving person, know the value of work to eventually become a fully actualized person.”

On the other hand, how he was captivated with the stories of students  and the chance to know different cultures, even at a very short period of time, were the central message of Mr. Carlo Racela of Lao Foundation. As a Program Officer, he mentioned that it was a rare chance that sponsored parties invite their benefactors on events like this. According to him, he was more eager to be of help as these young men were the testament of what they were doing as a foundation.

The program ended with their resolution to promote and help many young men, the commitment to partake on this call of charity, and the vision of an improved and productive society were just starting.