More than being a Dualtech Alumnus

alumni-pixDualtech Alumni Association conducted the annual gathering of graduates last October 28. Participated by about 300 alumni from the first batch in 1987 to the most recent in 2018. The Homecoming is indeed one of the most-anticipated events every year to talk with friends, classmates, former mentors, and industrial coordinators. But more than being technicians, supervisors, managers, entrepreneurs, priests, teachers and other professionals who go back to their common origin.

They are sons of Dualtech. And they are sons of Christ. This Fr. Nico Corvera, a Dualtech alumnus and mass celebrant during the affair affirmed.

We are like Bartimaeus

The gospel tells the story of a blind beggar named Bartimeaus who, despite his condition, was very hopeful that a miracle would happen so he could see again. When he heard that Jesus was in Jericho, he called out to Him for mercy and healing. While the crowd told him to keep quiet, he, instead, spoke louder, shouting his Holy Name, addressing Him the ‘Son of  David”. In response, He asked His disciples to bring him closer, asked what did he want, and, indeed, a miracle happened.

He saw. And he followed Christ along the road.


“He is like us, alumni, before we entered Dualtech. We are blinded by helplessness, by poverty, and by our own misunderstanding about ourselves.” told Father Nico Corvera. The priest, who was also a graduate of Dualtech Center reminded his fellow alumni about how each one of them, a simple man from the province, who lived in hand-to-mouth existence, answered to an invitation of someone to enrol at a certain school in Canlubang, in Pasay, in Binondo, in Mantrade or in Makati, “where you will not only shape your talents and skills, but most importantly, you will learn  how to form your human character.”

Little did one know, from an initial desire to improve one’s socio- economic status, these alumni witnessed, felt, and experienced the grace of God while at Dualtech. The central message of Opus Dei, sanctification of work, served as the inspiration for these alumni to continue to seek excellence, and holiness, from the most menial tasks they were doing to the most complicated industrial processes trusted on them.

“Iba- iba man ang larangan ng ating  buhay, we have the same purpose kung bakit tayo dinala doon. Ako, sa buhay pagpapari. Ang iba sa pagtatrabaho sa kumpanya. Ang iba, sa pag- aasawa.” Wherever God directs us to, we have the same purpose: “ang makibahagi sa misyon ng Diyos. In our own little way, tayo ay inaaasahan ng Diyos na ipakilala Siya sa bawat tagpo ng ating buhay,” Fr. Nico said.

As he recalled the days when he was still a trainee in a semiconductor company, he reaffirmed how God worked through him and was called. A regular technician left him with a machine, which was down for about a shift despite the former’s best effort to run it. While repairing, he was singing Our Father. After less than an hour of machine setting and adjustment, and continuous prayer while at work, the machine finally ran. This, according to him, was direct experience of God in ordinary work.

“As a Dualtech worker, we know that work is not about troubleshooting alone nor of any that needs to be repaired, nor just bringing together what needs to be assembled.  Inaasahan ng Diyos na sa bawat pagkilos natin ay mayroong  saysay. Paano mangyayari iyon? Kapag ito ay may kalakip na pagninilay”    

As he summed up his homily, Father Nico reiterated that the graduates were like Bartimeaus; weak but hopeful, poor but faithful and blind but capable of vision. This Alumni Homecoming was like coming home to Christ, a vision of change from who they were before they started and the evidence of God’s graces through the years of  hardwork and sanctification.


“It is good to go back to Dualtech, to remind us that we need to look up to God. To look to ourselves. And to look to our brothers and sisters. At doon natin makikita ang kabuluhan at kahulugan ng ating buhay sa mundong ito. Pinagkalooban tayo ng kaliwanagan ng ating buhay. Pagdasal nating wag ring mawawala ang kaliwanagan ng ating pananampalataya.

As  these alumni gathered again to reminisce the days they were at Dualtech, the “tatak” in them and the presence of God in every undertaking they are pursuing, cure them from weakness, poverty and blindness. And just like the blind beggar in the pavement waiting for Christ to pass by, they were cured. They saw the light. They were filled with hope.

And to Christ, they followed. 

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