Quitters Never Win and Winners Never Quit!

J-AYENTOI learned this when I was still in high school and I perfectly agree. There would always be struggles and challenges in our lives. When we feel at times when we are near to giving up, when we feel that nothing good is coming out of our efforts, when we feel that anything we do are not producing good results, and when we feel we are near to saying, NO MORE! - Then it is time to go back to our GOAL, the reason why we did embark on this journey; this race, this desire to accomplish something for ourselves and our families. -- JAYVE C. AYENTO | Merit and In-School Performance Awardee, Trained and Employed at Philippine Manufacturing Co. of Murata, Inc.

Goals are our targets, our aim! We have goals to inspire us, to move us to act and to build upon our plans and to finish our race. Much sacrifice will be needed to attain this, so much that it needs a lot of courage and determination to fulfill.

My own beginnings was not easy, and I know I am not the only one. Many of the graduates here have very similar experiences.

“Marami sa atin ay nagdaan sa iba’t ibang kahirapan sa buhay, sa dinami-dami ng mga nagtapos dito sa Dualtech, marahil ang kanilang kwento at ang sa atin ay hindi naiiba. Larawan ito ng tunay na buhay, at parating maghahanap ng lunas”

“Dumating sa ating mga buhay ang Dualtech na nagbigay ng pagkakataong matugunan ang matinding pangangailangang ito. Kakaiba ang paaralang ito! Nagbibigay pagsasanay at skills upang maging mahusay sa Electomechanics Technology at gayundin habang itinataguyod at pinatatatag ang pagkatao upang maging mabuting mamamayan, anak, kapatid, ama balang-araw at lider sa anumang larangan.”

Among the things I learned in Dualtech is willingness to sacrifice, the ability to recognize what was given as gift and be grateful, courage that drives one to be daring and overcome all obstacles, to value time as a very precious resource, which if not used properly can no longer be recovered, and deepening our faith and love for God to whom we owe all of these things.

Life is short, we have to do our best, our very best. Some people want to change the world; but we, in our own little way should begin it by working on ourselves; by improving ourselves.

Our mission has been launched and will continue even beyond the halls of Dualtech. And so today, we are very grateful and we rejoice! Gratitude is a virtue that fills our hearts. We should be grateful because we were given something that we do not deserve. We should be grateful because we have received aid, maybe in the darkest time of our lives. We should be grateful because someone took notice of us, when nobody else cared, when we never deserved to be cared for. Do not forget that saying:


Therefore, recognize that we all owe something; after all, all that we have have been given to us, All this gift! Thank you God! We owe our lives to You, our present, past, and future, You care for us!

Ma, Pa, Ate, Tita, thank you for your love all that you have done for me.

My batchmates, co-OJT’s, friends, thank you for the experiences we shared. We will always have strong bonds, ties of brotherhood for a lifetime.
To our Industry Partners, and for myself, Philippine Manufacturing Company of Murata, thank you for the opportunity for training and to enlarge our horizon.

To Dualtech Management, Staff, Industrial Coordinators, Mentors, Learning Facilitators who helped us a lot and patiently allowed us to grow, Thank you.

Lastly, formation is a lifelong affair, it should never be taken for granted. Embrace it, immerse yourselves in it. Allow yourselves to be hammered into shape, grow, and mature. Allow yourselves to be helped and be formed. Be humble always. Real strength lies in being humble. MARAMING SALAMAT PO SA INYONG LAHAT!

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