Dualtech Center makes Audio Visual Presentation

dualtech-avpBe an inspiration. Be part of the Dualtech community. Be a Dualtech trainee.

On the 35th year of Dualtech Training Center Foundation, Inc., the board and management has decided to strengthen the Dualtech brand and have a new narrative. A new, shorter, and up-to-date video ad for the campaigns, and presentations of Dualtech was commissioned.

The concept came up after the presentation of a renewed brand positioning statement (BPS) which specifically captures the goals and targets of Dualtech. The BPS expresses what Dualtech should be doing to better serve the Filipino youth. For Dualtech, it is providing them with the basic training that could get them sure and stable jobs thereby helping their families.  

The first video was about Dualtech’s typical product, a graduate, Mr. Paulo Martinez who has achieved a stable position in his field of expertise. He has also taken the responsibility to give back to the institution by hiring fellow graduates and prepare trainees for employment by taking them in as scholar-trainees.

The second video was to present Dualtech’s ecosystem, its intimate community which cares about serving the youth through training for work - a community that values work and the practice of virtue thus forming a better person in each worker. This video also featured 4 industry partners that accepts trainees in their factories. These are EMD Technologies, Del Monte Philippines, Tanduay Distillers, and Asia Brewery. A partner, Amherst Parenterals, Inc., although not featured, partly sponsored the video.

These two new videos can help viewers to be more aware of the value of “learning by doing”;  of “forming in working.” All these is in line with the teaching of St Josemaria Escriva, “sanctifying our work, sanctifying ourselves and others through work” offering one’s ordinary daily activities to serve God, ones country, and family.

You may watch the AVP in Dualtech’s website and Youtube channel.