Handling Innovation donates funds, refers Donors and Partners

handling-innovOn February 03, Handling Innovation opened its new Toyota Material Handling Philippines Training Center in Paranaque City. The blessing of the new renovated building was officiated by Dualtech’s former Chaplain, Fr. Willy Ong and was attended by their staff, friends, and partners including Dualtech. The training center is equipped with equipment, tools, and other training facility that will better enhance skills development in servicing and maintaining Toyota service forklifts.

The training center has also rooms which are offered to Dualtech to be used for mentoring sessions of Dualtech scholars. Mr. Arnold Chung, Business Development Director said, “This new facility will triple our capacity to help Dualtech scholars on their further technical training and values schooling which empowers them to become better servants of God and better members of our society”. The rooms also have new classroom chairs which were donated by his friend, Mr. Jonathan Co, from Manly Plastics. As another Corporate Social Responsibility project of Handling Innovation, the company donated money for the general scholarship fund of Dualtech Center.


On March 13, Mr. Chung endorsed Dualtech Center to their business partner, Toyota Material Handling International Sweden, represented by Mr. Jimi Salomaa. With Dualtech as source of qualified trainees for Handling Innovation, Mr. Salomaa took time to see the school and the training program which serves as preparatory training for the technical manpower requirement. In appreciation of the program, he convinced the management in Sweden to sponsor 8 Dualtech scholars who will be trained at the facility of Handling Innovation.


Since 2008, Handling Innovation trained over 50 scholar-trainees as service technicians who are now gainfully employed. Mr. Chung says, “In our 10 years of partnership, we at Toyota Material Handing have been extremely impressed with Dualtech and their scholars. Their scholars easily outshine any others in the workplace as they have unique ability to combine passion for work and values towards God and to their society. This truly makes a huge difference to their success that makes them not just ordinary scholars but Dualtech scholars.

Partnership goes beyond hosting in-plant training of Dualtech scholars. Handling Innovation helps through scholarship, through employment, through housing assistance while on training, hosting of the mentoring sessions, and referrals of more companies to partner with Dualtech.