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Embedded at Artesyn: The Dual Training System PARTNERSHIP

Artesyn 1Artesyn Embedded Power designs and manufactures highly reliable power conversion solutions and have Dualtech Scholars embedded in their plant. These Dualtech scholars are fulfilling their 18 month in-plant training in Electromechanics Technology. Like the devices manufactured at Artesyn, these scholars are skilled to perform electrical, electronics and mechanical tasks. 

Shi Manufacturing and Services Philippines, Inc.

shims1Our company Shims which is part of Sumitomo Group of Companies and Dualtech have been a partner for many years now by giving trainees the opportunity to apply their knowledge in actual work setup. This on-the-job training will equip the students with their experience needed for them to be accepted in some companies and organizations. Our company also thanks Dualtech for giving us the opportunity to have you.” - Mr. Hiroji Okamoto | Chairman, President and CEO | Shi Manufacturing and Services Philippines, Incorporated

Golf tournament of Dualtech Partners for Dualtech Scholars

dtc-cup2019There was an overcast. Tropical depression Ineng just exited the country. What would have been a hot and humid day turned out to be a perfect day for a round of golf. Last August 30, the Dualtech Partners Cup was played at the Canlubang Golf and Country Club, South Course.

The South Course is known for its gentle course. It has wider fairways and even holes to play with. Additionally, it has magnificent views from natural sights like Laguna de Bay Tagaytay ridge, and the peaks of Mt. Makiling. This is a course where you need to stop frequently, look around you and appreciate the beauty of your surroundings.

Sonion Philippines, Inc.

When Sonion Philippines started its operation in 2012, they approached different educational institutions in search of the most qualified and talented personnel that would handle the technical demands of their production line. Finally, in 2016, Sonion Philippines came in contact with Dualtech Training Center because of the Electromechanics program it is offering, which was exactly what they needed. As of this year, 65% of the total population of Sonion trainees are from Dualtech Center, and they absorbed 90% of these trainees to be part of their technical department.

EMD Technologies, Inc.

nexem-emd-1Dualtech and its guests are welcomed in one of the world’s leading manufacturers of automotive power relay, Electromechanical Devices (EMD) Technologies. Dualtech and EMD Technologies are in partnership since 2014 in delivering technical experiences among the trainees that would make them adept in the needs of the changing manufacturing sector.

Some trainees and alumni, who are now part of the workforce of EMD Technologies shared their inspiring stories, as to how Dualtech Center and its partner company changed the events of their lives.

Dualtech Partners: The People Behind the Success of DTS

dzas-april2019One of the challenges technical education is facing nowadays is the common misconception of difficulty in career progression compared to degree holders. In an attempt to eradicate this negative public mindset, thus celebrating the success stories of tech-voc graduates in the fields, specifically, of manufacturing and servicing, DZAS invited several partner companies of Dualtech Center. Those who openly rendered their time for an interview were TUV Rheinland, Allegro Beverages, HKR Equipment and Gentrade International.