General News

A Message from Dualtech's Chairman

On behalf of the board of trustees, we thank you partners.

As we look back in the 32 years of Dualtech Center and the celebration of the 20th year of Dual Training System Law, we could take pride in the number of graduates who have passed the Dualtech system who count 10,000 now. 

The numbers that we are talking about are represented by men who have gone through a formation aside from the basic training that has empowered them to land for a job. The success of The Dual Training System (DTS) is anchored not only on our system that we have had from Germany but principally because of the partnership that we have with the companies. We thank you for your cooperation and for being our allies.

Much to our regret and in the interest of consolidating the center, we have closed our Binondo school. What we have done was to centralize the trainors and equipment in Calamba campus to accommodate more scholars. The other thing that we have done as one of the major improvements at Dualtech was the roof in the Assembly Hall. We have done renovations early this year so that the typhoons spared us from any damage.