The C-Clamp

C-clamp goes through a ten-step process. It starts off with a rough, solid block of metal. Then it is cut, filed, drilled, polished and assembled.Like the C-clamp, Dualtech scholar goes through a similar process. Dualtech forms his character, cuts the old self, fills his mind with proper work attitudes and values, and drilled and polished with academic requirements.

In making the C-clamp, the scholar himself will learn the value of hard work (more than 6 hours filling to size); perseverance (manually cutting the solid block); attention to details (measurement and angles); efficiency (the solid block of metal was used to its fullest), and work effectively.

C-clamp is no longer seen as a simple device to hold things down. Rather, its a symbol of what Dualtech scholars have endured as a Christian Technician.