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Dualtech Center’s scholarship program aims to train scholars for employment. Scholars are accepted based on their desire to find jobs after the scholarship.


“Dualtech is the preferred training center we contact to solve our manpower needs. Its graduates are disciplined and technically-capable as well.”


You may be willing to volunteer as mentor. Adopt a scholar.  Assist a scholar. Donate to the school.

Our Alumni

"Dualtech contributed a big part in building my character and personality. I am convinced that it creates a significant change in the lives of people like me..."

Dualtech Center

Dualtech Center, a project of Dualtech Training Center Foundation, Inc. (DTCFI), is a not-for-profit technical-vocational school preparing young people for employment in industrial firms. Through the Dual Training System, the school collaborates with several business entities to impart relevant skills and values to high school graduates.  The school welcomes individuals and groups who wish to contribute to poverty alleviation through technical skills training.  

We are the pioneer institution in applying the dual training system in the Philippines. 

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