The School


1.  What are the main advantages of Dualtech?

  • It's mission is person-oriented while linking industry culture and community impact through CSR.
  • Dual Training System pioneer in the Philippines since 1982
  • Curriculum according to the needs of industry-partners
  • Work Values Formation
  • One-on-one Mentoring
  • 100% Employment of graduates

2.  How do you finance the operations of your school?

  • Training subsidy is not enough. Other financing source is coming from donations and grants

3.  How many training campuses do you have?

  • Two training campuses: Dualtech Training Center-Manila in Binondo Manila and Dualtech Training Center-Canlubang in Calamba Laguna

4.  What is a non-stock, not-for-profit organization? Is Dualtech a not-for-profit training organization?

  • Non-stock, not-for-profit organization is an enterprise that engages in activities that directly benefits society or the community that it chooses to serve.
  • Not owned by an individual or group of individuals
  • It may generate revenues from its own enterprising activities and may gain "profit" or surplus income yet, not to be distributed as dividends to a private or public owner but to channel back this income to the sustainability of the foundation.

5.  How can I help DuaItech?

  • By sponsoring Dualtech Student-trainees under the Dual Training System
  • Sponsoring Scholars in the Basic Training phase
  • Avail of our training programs (Let Dualtech take care of your training)
  • Avail our services
  • Donate facilities, training machineries or laboratory tools and equipment
  • Let Dualtech avail of grants
  • Sponsor Upgrading Training Scholarships of Dualtech Instructors and Staff here or abroad
  • Loan funds with lower interest rates to Dualtech
  • Recommend Dualtech to your neighbors
  • Above all support Dualtech and its mission through your prayers


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