Work Hard in Silence

mr-dyDualtech made me believe in “working hard in silence, letting your success be your noise” -- Antonio Dy | A55, Batch 1998 | Information Technology Manager, NAESS Shipping Philippines, Inc. | IT Consultant

It was an unfortunate life in the beginning. I never learned what it meant to be a kid. My mother and sister both worked as laundrywomen, and it was not enough. It also became my routine to study in the morning and to work on the remaining hours. I helped my mother to sell eggs, banana-que, peanuts, and vegetables for our daily needs. It was my desire to have a better life.

I graduated in Pasay East High School. But it was my frustration to enter into college as we lacked financial means.  Being optimistic, I took exams for academic scholarships.  It was a sudden relief. However, I failed to finish my  course, Bachelor of Science in Aviation Electronics Communications Engineering (AECE).  Even though I did not succeed here, my mind was set that I would only fail, if I would quit trying. 

This experience brought me to find Dualtech. I then decided to take the scholarship program.  Fortunately, I passed the qualification for Electromechanics Technology course.  With my desire to graduate, I retained the required grade for my scholarship. I worked for our daily needs as well. Despite all the hardships, I completed the 2-year course in my sponsoring company at Alcatel Philippines.  I recognized that I owe my mother a great deal of gratitude.

Today, I am an IT Manager of a well-known shipping agency in the Philippines (NAESS Shipping Philippines, Inc) located at Leon Guinto, Ermita, Metro Manila. I work also as an IT consultant for some small medium enterprises.  And I am one of the incorporators of Pro Climate Innovations Inc. that deals with environmental products; aiming to simply help and save the environment. 

I am not going to talk very much about myself.  It is all about who are with us all the time; the people who inspire us to be a better version of who we are today.

Since, life is full of setbacks.  Dualtech made me believe in “working hard in silence, letting your success be your noise” (Be humble and stay with God).