TÜV Rheinland Philippines, Inc.

tuv“In behalf of TUV Rheinland Philippines, I would like to assure you of our continuing support and commitment, that in our little way we contribute to the attainment of the mission of DUALTECH. I have no doubt that Dualtech graduates will courageously face life challenges ahead because I know for a fact that Dualtech has not only competently taught you technical skills and know-how; you have been spiritually prepared and molded to face the tough challenges ahead.” – Tristan Arwen G. Loveres | Chief Operating Officer, TÜV Rheinland Philippines, Inc.

Most of you [Dualtech graduates] will say “tapos na ako ngayon”. Yes, you are finished reporting to school today but you will have to be punctual as you start working. You may say, I’m finished studying, but then again you will must study the policies, procedures and work instructions of the products or services of the companies you will be working for. Indeed, there would be a lot of challenges ahead. The decisions that you will make today will determine the success of your future. Some of you may be working already. Some of you may have started applying for jobs, some applying for work abroad and at best, some of you may take on the challenge and become entrepreneurs by starting your own business given the skills and knowledge that you have. The challenges are same. You need to make tough decisions.

As you are applying for a job, you need to show and prove that you have the competence and qualification and most importantly values for that particular job. Let me give you one important TIP as you are applying for jobs – be careful with what you upload in the internet”. Now, there are many social network sites. Just imagine you will see from best dressed to almost nothing. You upload whatever thoughts and comments that you have on your minds. Most companies now check on these sites, and most likely look for your accounts. Now check them, it can make or break your employment.

As you get hired you have to continuously excel and perform your best. You have to prove to your employers that they were right in choosing you. You need to show your employer that they were right in getting a graduate from DUALTECH. The chances of future graduates of DUALTECH being hired in that company depends on how you perform in that company.

I remember my mother would always tell us “Bloom where you are planted”. I used to work in a government agency, DTI-BPS, for almost 11 years. I treasure there my “Best Employee Awards” in fact I was consistent, that they gave me the “Hall of Fame” award. I had to excel and perform. Being in the government needs to have a conscious effort to maintain your values especially integrity. INTEGRITY, my dear graduates, is what you must have and maintain, in any company that you work, big or small. I remember in Elementary, I was very happy during the graduation, although I was not the valedictorian, though I was in the honor roll, but because they awarded me “Best in Character”. In high school, the same, I treasured more the “Deportment Awards” not only the academic honors I have. The values I learned in school helped me resist the temptations in the workplace.

Ako po ay isang probinsyano. So, imagine I have to compete with graduates from the different prestigious and expensive schools in Manila, when I was applying for a job. You just have to give your best and offer your work to GOD!

I remember one time when I was applying for a job in Makati, I would have to walk from buildings to buildings to submit my applications. At lunchtime, I went to a foodcourt in one of the department stores and proceeded to a food store offering combo-meals, at that time 100  lang pera ko, so pinili ko yung 70pesos which I order from the cashier then asked me what drinks I want, coke I said, assuming it was part of the package but to my surprise she charged me 90 pesos. Sabi ko sa sarili ko, pano na ako makauwi sa Cubao nito, so pinakiusapan ko yung cashier na cancel na lang drinks ko. At that point, I told myself I have to work hard so I can have enough to cover our needs. My dear friends I worked hard and I am working very hard! My previous German boss use to tell me “Work hard, party harder”.

loveresYour dreams can and will be achieved if you wake up now and start working on it. When I was in DTI, I had the same work ethics – report to work early and leave late. One time yung kaibigan ko naglalaro na sa computer at 4PM, eh sabi niya ang sweldo natin hanggang 4pm lang. We know at that time our salaries in DTI was not competitive, but we still have to work and deliver the service that the public expects. So, in my case I just kept on working – working very hard, and people recognize it so I got the awards. But it did not end there – other people see it and know it also, and one day, I received an offer I cannot refuse, that’s when I moved from the public sector to the private sector. From DTI-BPS I joined TUV Rheinland Philippines. Again, I brought with me the same work ethics – work hard! In just three years, they designated me as COO. I am now in charge of the Philippine operations, and again I have to work hard – only this time double the efforts as I have people and families depending on me. However, it was not only hard work that make me endure that everyday challenges – the secret is lots of prayers – you need to depend on and offer it to HIM; and of course love and support from my family.

What I want to share with you dear graduates is to give your best shot in whatever assignment, job or work given to you. People will recognize your efforts and soon you will be rewarded for that.

Dear graduates, it was not my intention to scare you off with the big challenges ahead but for your to be aware and be ready for it. But most importantly, I want you enjoy life as it happens – we only have one, remember.

At this point I would like to ask the graduates to stand up – Let’s give a big round of applause to the parents. Later, I want you to say to them “Thank you for everything”.

But wait, this time let’s give a big round of applause to your teachers and instructors and to DUALTECH community. They have done an excellently job and they are confident and proud of their product – which is YOU.

In behalf of TUV Rheinland Philippines, I would like to assure you of our continuing support and commitment, that in our little way we contribute to the attainment of the mission of DUALTECH.