St. Joseph, An Inspiration To CGK Formaprint Fathers

cgkDualtech Center gave a talk about fatherhood at CGKFormaprint for its father employees during the Feast Day of St. Joseph

March 19, is the Feast Day of St. Joseph. While we know much about Mary the mother of Jesus and Jesus Christ, we hardly hear anything about St. Joseph. Yet we can learn so much from the silence. To observe the event, CGK Formaprint invited Dualtech to deliver an inspirational talk to its employees at its Pasay City Office. The employees, especially the fathers, could all learn from the life of St. Joseph.

St. Joseph was a model family man and worker (carpenter). A role that  can be identified with and imitated. Here are some lessons to learn:

1.  St. Joseph protects because he respects. A husband respects his wife and daughter/s. Treating women with utmost delicateness. A husband’s mere physical presence at home offers security and safety.

2. St. Joseph provides for the family. Husbands try to provide for the spiritual, economic and physical needs of the family. St. Joseph was a prayerful man. And obeyed the wishes of God for his family. He worked as a carpenter to supply the daily needs of the home. Jesus learned the craft of St. Joseph. His family had a home, where Jesus lived, which they occupied for so many years.

3. St. Joseph fulfills the dreams or ambitions of fathers towards their children. Jesus became what He is with the guidance of St. Joseph. Children learn the virtues from what they see in their father. A father lives and teaches the virtues, especially Faith, Hope and Charity. We can imagine St. Joseph -and ourselves- being an example to Jesus (our children) in living the other virtues e.g. self-control, leadership, industriousness, responsibility, etc.

The relationship of St. Joseph with Mary and Jesus is something we can cherish and nourish in our respective families.