Phil-Nippon Kyoei Corporation

arturo-yanGod owns the earth but its is rented to the daring.  There  are lot of opportunities  for  skilled  personnel like  Dualtech workers  and for sure  companies  will knock on your doors.  You will be given opportunities to grow  and you should accept every opportunity. -- Mr. Arturo C. Yan, President | Phil-Nippon Kyoei Corporation

To set the tone,  I want to underscore  four obvious what you should  feel fulfilled and happy this morning:

  • You graduated  in  a  dual system where you learn theoretical  and practical subjects in school and practical  techniques  at work place.  Like most  boys in  German and Switzerland   , your path of   learning is preferred by  entrepreneurs  who  value  implementation.
  • You  were educated by  qualified  faculty  who  cared  and nurtured  your skills and character  .  ( Ang pagkatao  niyo ay mas malalalim)
  • Your loving  parents  took time  off   in order  to witness this significant event.   Your must realize that  they are a big part of the reason that you are here.
  • Lastly, you are  graduating  at a time where there are  huge opportunities  for  vocational graduates.

The meat of my talk will be the last items.   Opportunities are everywhere ((Maraming trabaho at negosyo).  The private sector is expanding.    In  the part of government,   Php  326  billion  worth of      infrastructure projects  are on main  stream .  Local  business enterprises    needs to be competitive globally.     Business owners know this  can only  be achieved if operation expenses are low and  more  jobs are  performed  a  period time.  This is where dual tech graduates  are invaluable.      Industrial equipment needs to be reliable and efficient.  Your skill will be vital to achieve this.   You, my  dual tech graduate  will be vital .  I also see  Dual Tech  “ producing graduates   who will  tackle poverty  through  engineering services  and  innovation”

As  an example,  business owner requires information   to  make  decision  on whether to  replace or buy a new equipment. You will be required    to measure ,  analyze   and to  repair important  equipment  and plant system .  (Sukatin, pagaralan at ayusin)  like power plants,  compressors,  pumps and  heat exchanger needs to be maintained well.    Your familiarity to work with your hands,  which was learned  in school and improved in the work place,   will make your skill unique .   

The   atmosphere   this  Satruday morning brings  me back   to the challenge  I faced   35  years  ago.  I was full of  hope and  promise.  Back then in 1981, the  government and economy  is struggling .    Even engineering    graduates   have   limited opportunities  .

One of the leading  companies wrote me that   they have an opening   for technical  positions and that  requires   testing and research.      My task was to test  the  technical feasibility of   using  coconut oil as fuel for  commercial diesel engines.   The work  was  challenging since we have to test  the  durability of these engines  by operating them  continuously for long periods.  .   We also have to  run  prototype  vehicles from Manila to the Visayas  in order to simulate the  reliability of the fuel.   

After  a certain period,   we have to  tear the engines   apart and inspect each of the engine members.    We measured  the critical parts and  analyzed   dimension  variances and  material  failures.    I enjoyed the work since  apart from the  creative  thinking process ,  I worked  with my hands.   Because of the small salary, I also have to teach during evening  to make  me  my  economic ends meet and  be  independent  from  my parents.

A moment  I vividly remembered is when  my rubber shoes  , a  saucony brand was deformed  because I  worked  long hours in the  laboratory.  The sole  was immersed in diesel  fuel and  in time,   affected the  rubber material.   The shoe formed an C shape, was   tainted of browns spots    and looks very unattractive  when I wear it in  gatherings.

After   all the  years I research,   I  was  transferred  to the main  office  to  be engaged in the corporate  operational  functions.   The  period of  working with my hands    gave me the wisdom and strength  to   analyze problems and make  touch decisions.

Looking back,   the  recipe    of   working  with  my hands   is  very memorable . It also  allowed me to appreciate the dignity of  working in the  bench to  fabricate   a steel  products or to be in the laboratory  to mix  a chemical  solution.    The outcome is always a product or a service    that we  can   benefit   a society  ;  whether it is  a school  ,  a factory,  a transport industry  or even a house of God.

Starting the  start of the  century,     business  environment   became  more demanding .  Employers place   more emphasis on adaptability , curiosity and learning a desirable attributes for employers .  A different kind of skill is needed . The need for problem solvers and decisions makers arises  to relieve the pain of clients .  Employees must answer  the execution question  of  “how to  get there”.     Technology takes time to trickle down   and  specializing in   a   certain niche  segment is vital.

This brings me  to a  case study of a   technical  specialist  named  Gerry.   He  can  disassemble and assemble back all the  parts of a  4 MW  diesel power plant  which is as big as this stage.   Machines will be machines .  All machines will require corrective and predictive maintenance  over a  period of time . (lahat ng makina na umiinit  ay ganyan).    There are 2000 parts and it still amazes me that he finds time to memorize each  of the parts.  Gerry also   helps purchasing to prepare the bill of materials  during the overhauling period.     When there is no parts in the inventory,  he will buy an high carbon steel   and machine the item  according to the required  specific dimension .  He himself developed this reverse engineering approach.

Employers   gave him a premium in his  salary because of his  innovations and   specialty in maintaining basis load power plants.   Additionally,  he was   always consulted  for important  decision when this involved  plant operations.   At the end of the day,  Gerry feels fulfilled since his value in the  corporation is always measurable.  The lesson here  my  dear graduates is  that  you  can never go wrong  with hard work  and being passionate  with  whatever interest you.    ( matalinong pagbabago  and kailangan  para ka maging kakaiba ).


Other than the example of gerry’s   craving for innovation,   your skills  must be monetized  for specific industrial  applications.     I see the following  needed  skills  sets that  will be beneficial for the industrial market  since they involved  utility equipment:

-  Design and installation of small scale solar power plants.
-  Servicing of diesel power plants, compressors , pumps and heat exchangers .
- Measuring the systems losses in distribution lines  and replacing overheating electrical lines.
-  Installation of  solar power plant stations in  dead  real estate assets.


Learning in  Dualtech  can also  be   answering  a vocation  to  service the community.   Inclusive development   is important to  help our government fight poverty.  A  business can be  inclusive  if its  sustainable and  if the work to be done  includes  the grass roots.    A  government that looks  far and wide    must bring   investments  outside the country side in order to  spread wealth and help minimize poverty.    Skilled workers  will always be  a catalyst in creating opportunities in the country side.  All told , this will be  bringing value to under-invested assets  such as :  waterproofing corroded  warehouse roofs,  building small  power plants for charging  of cell phones  or illumination, repairing  pumps  that are needed for irrigation,   maintaining  of small  reefer  vans  or  low temperature  container  in order to help  preserve    aqua marine product  and setting up  off grid solar power plant facilities.      Presently we have 27  Dualtech  direct hires and 19  on the job trainees in the Glacier Group of Companies .

(For growth to be sustainable, it must be multi sectoral, multi discipline and multi level. )


God owns the earth but its is rented to the daring .   There  are lot of opportunities  for  skilled  personnel like  Dualtech workers  and for sure  companies  will knock on your doors.  You will be given opportunities to grow  and you should accept every opportunity.

But remember that there will be  unpleasant  moments  and you need to always struggle.   You need to  persevere  in  cases of poor  results  and opposition  since you  are  part of a  big society.    (tibayan niyo loob niyo palagi  at tulungan niyo sarili niyo).   Your journey in life will always  be an inclined plane.  You must always be able to  go up the slope  with your dreams  no matter how steep  the slope is.   

Lastly , You should have the energy and enthusiasm to move forward   for the   outcome is more  capable hands than our own.   You must learn to listen  and in listening you always learn. You must be the best the you can .   You can  be better  if you do this   for love   of your country,  your parents and  even   the people I mentioned earlier in this speech.