Our Mission


The mission of Dualtech is to contribute to the common good by developing young people through the dual training system to become quality-trained, skilled, productive, enlightened and morally upright persons fulfilling the needs of industry and the community we serve.

DUALTECH CENTER, commits uphold:

  • Service to the Common Good – always ready to seize even the smallest opportunity to serve the community and the industry; a generous heart constantly disposed to give than to get; concern for others without expecting any return, and without courting any applause; love for God; upholds family values; lives the moral virtues and worth ethics, civic responsibility and patriotism;
  • Integrated Human Education – adheres to the highest standards of academic excellence in technical education; total formation of the scholar in close cooperation with stakeholders including parents, partner-companies, mentors, alumni & benefactors eventually aimed at laying hold on to the best employment opportunities;
  • Genuine People Development – maximizing the greatest potential in the human person; continuous skills upgrade; the zeal to boost leadership engine among Associates; genuine respect for the individual; Cooperation and Partnership – team spirit; genuine cooperation and camaraderie; strength in character and purpose; synergy; open dialogue;
  • Culture of Quality and Excellence – competence as a way of life; results-driven; the desire to improve better each day; good governance in daily dealings with internal and external customers by faithfully preserving the highest professional standards; personal transformation as a constant concern of all.