Hino Motors Philippines Corporation

Mills-Hino"The future is bright and exciting but your success really is in your hands. Dualtech prepares you not only with skills but proper mind set and attitude for the good future." -- Mr. Vicente T. Mills Jr., Chairman | Hino Motors Philippines Corporation, Commencement Exercises – July 30, 2016

To the officers, staff of Dualtech, the distinguished sponsors that have made all of this possible, to the graduates and their parents and all the people who helped them through the difficult times to finish this course. Good Morning!

Today is truly special for you graduates as we stand here to recognize the good work you did and we know how hard it is to complete this course. It is not easy and I am glad that you persevere in doing this. Today is also special for your sponsoring firms and other people who are helping you as you recognize them for the special support they extended to you. Were it not for your sponsors, your family and supporters, you are not able to have completed this course.

Today we also recognize the good work of Dualtech. We started a long time ago, I guess most of you were not born yet. We hosted Dualtech in the Mantrade building. It is in the corner of EDSA and Pasong Tamo, and over the years Dualtech left Mantrade to go to Mandaluyong and other sites and finally here. This place is really impressive and I believe Dualtech will produce more skilled workers for the country.

I would like to give three (3) points which I think are important to remember for today:

1. KNOW YOUR PRODUCT. As worker in a manufacturing firm you will be part of the chain of work that converts raw material or components into some finish product. You are one link in that chain. As a member of that chain you must do work well or else the product will fail. So you must look at yourself as part of the chain, not only as individual but as part of something bigger and you will have the satisfaction that you produce something bigger larger than yourself. As you know, the weakest link causes the chain to fail.

2. BE PART OF TEAM. Cooperation is the key to success for the whole team. You are part of the larger scale of things. You must be sure that you do your work well with cooperation of workers before you and the workers after you. You also understand that your work means you must help each other, remove your blinder, open yourself to what is before you. Understand the job, understand the role in that chain so you can understand the role in the whole process.

3. WORK ON CONTINUING LEARNING. This is not the end, this is the start of the learning process. Learning must never stop. If you stop you fall behind. The need for your skills that you already acquired today and in the past is being changed everyday by technology. Technology that is used to produce your product. So be curios, read, study, observe the whole process. Do not just look on what you are doing or the ones before you and after you. Listen to what is going around you and what is happening to your company and to that product line. Remember you are one unit in the whole universe, but that universe is very exciting particularly for you guys now the world is changing so fast. It is a challenge and you must keep up to that challenge with hard work, mindset of learning, and that you could be ready for that challenge in the future.

If you persist in your work and be a learning worker; not only worker who are you now or a worker of who you will be tomorrow, but a continuing learner.

As graduates, you should upgrade your skills. There are many ways to do that. Dualtech is here, but in your job, your company is offering upgrading seminars, Kaizen project that will help you. Be an active participant in everything that your company or your community has.

Reserve time not only for your work but a balance life. To balance life means not only with your family or with your work but also with your community and prepare yourself to be truly productive citizens for the country.

You are all young. I wish I were at your age group again but it is too late for me. The future is bright and exciting but your success really is in your hands. Dualtech prepares you not only with skills but proper mind set and attitude for the good future.

Congratulations again. Lets work together for the future of our country. Thank you!