H&E Manufacturing Corporation

hande-logo"Having finished the Electromechanics Technology course expands opportunities in the very competitive employment market. The training center has given the basics to face the “real world.”  -- Mr. Anthony Ng | Vice President for Technical, H&E Manufacturing Corporation

Graduation marks a special day for our young men, graduates of the 2- years electromechanics course of the Dual Tech Center. Having finished this course expands your opportunities in the very competitive employment market. It is now up to you guys to create a path that takes your career to where you want to stir it.

I referred to our “old school” way of searching for definitions of the word GRADUATION  in the Webster dictionary, although I believe for most of you click on the computer to ask GOOGLE or Wikipedia. And it says “the receipt  of an academic degree or diploma marking  completion of studies”.     Another definition you will find is “a mark on an instrument or vessel for indicating degree or quantity”. Using both definitions provided, this commencement exercises symbolize the completion of a level, just like in “Tetris or Candy Crush”. You now have a choice if you want to go to the next more challenging level or strive to gain the necessary experience and expertise in where you are now.

I am sure that your parents are very proud of this achievement. In their hearts and minds, most of them are saying “Hay salamat... sa wakas.. nakapagtapos din”. Education is the most important “mana” or inheritance that your parents can give you. Tapos na ang responsibilidad ng magulang ninyo. Now it's you turn to face the real world. No more cutting classes, no more goofing around and the hardest part of it to you... No more allowance. Kayo naman dapat ang kumayod para sa magulang ninyo, sa magiging pamilya ninyo at sa kinabukasan ninyo.

handeI have both good and bad news for this graduating class. Let's go to the bad news first. Unemployment is on rise. Its is now at 7.5%* when it was 6.9% last year. What does this (for most of you it's a boring) economic trivia mean to you? It means that there are lesser jobs available in the market. We also often hear of the job skills mismatch – meaning companies that need employees cannot find the right people. On the other side of the coin, the good news is that government says that the economy is improving but more importantly you now possess the skills that our industry needs. Highly trained, technical people... and this is in the assumption that you did not slack off or “hindi kayo nagbulakbol” while taking you course.

The training center has given you the basics and now it is up to you to expand horizons and face the “real world”. Bring with you not only the skills and knowledge that you have gained, but more importantly the positive work attitude, the drive to continue to learn, and keep yourselves up to date with new and emerging technologies.

Here are the men and women who do the real hands on work and these are the qualifications that majority of the local industries, who are small to medium in size like ours need.

My parting message or we can say advice as you take on this new challenge is...

  • Work hard
  • Strive to continue to improve
  • Plan before you execute
  • Time is Gold. Do it FAST, but do it RIGHT

*Philippines jobless rate increased to 7.5 percent in April from 7.1 percent reported in January and 6.9 percent in April of 2012