Hard Work and Patience

serut"At the young age of 18, I left the province off to Manila to work and to support my family back in Leyte. I worked for 3 long years in different factories as a contractual worker and even worked as a helper in the junk shop. I just then realized that if I only settle with what I was then, I know I would go nowhere thus I prayed and asked God for a signal of what was at stake for me. Then, I saw a Maintenance Technician who was able fix a broken machine. What he did had engrossed me to go back to school but I knew I could not afford the college tuition fee." -- Berlito Serut is a Batch A-29/30 (1995) alumnus. He is working as site superintendent at Saudi Aramco, Middle East

With all my interest in pursuing my college, I found on a newspaper that DUALTECH, a German Foundation, was offering full scholarship programs for deserving high school graduates. I asked the requirements and I found out that their programs were only given to 20 years old below, and I was 21. Though I was over age, I was told to go back the next day for the entrance exam. Few days later the result came out. I landed top 3 from our batch of examinees and I was overwhelmed to know that I was the 18th of the 25 privileged full scholars. But a trial came in when my sister, who was my only means of help, was forced to stop working because of a health failure. I was thinking of quitting my studies and attending my sister’s need, but she was begging with tears that I should go on with the opportunity. Her words were so powerful that it added a lot of courage and motivation. I was optimistic and I did all to save, until I was diagnosed for an ulcer as I was only eating less in exchange of my fares. It did not bother me and I just kept going.

Joining a group in the Redemptorist Church in Baclaran helped me aside from the small amount that my family in Leyte was sending from a farm’s harvest. The grace of the Lord never failed to amaze me, with His guidance; I was able to finish my studies.

My hardwork paid off. Just after the final exams before the graduation at DUALTECH, I was already out, hunting for a job and luckily got a regular post as a Maintenance Technician, my dream-kind of job. I stayed for awhile in the factory and soon after another opportunity knocked.

I got in to work aboard as Electrician in Saudi Arabia with expenses paid by the employer. However, my yearning for knowledge never ceased so I researched and studied to be upgraded for another post until I became an Instrument Technician. Eventually, it opened more doors and with the additional knowledge gained, I changed post from company to another after every contract. I was able to work in different Arab nations as foreman, supervisor and site Instrument Engineer. I was once asked during an interview if I was an Engineering Graduate of any field and I was honest to tell the interviewer that I was not, though competitive enough to convince him that I could do the job. He sent me to take the exam and I did it. I handled the Instrumentation department as a construction project consultant. In spite of all these out pouring blessings from the Lord, I always share it with my family and those in need of my help in whatever it may take.

Now, I am enjoying the fruits of all my hard work and patience. “Nakapagpundar na ako ng mga lupa, bahay, sasakyan at mga alagang hayop na baka. Nagsimula ako sa zero pero ngayon nagbunga na mga pinaghirapan ko sa tulong ni Lord at Dualtech. Kung noon ang bola ng basketball ay hindi ko mabili ngayon ay sobra pa”.

“KUNG KAYA NILA, KAYA KO RIN” has become my motto in life and I could not have all these without the first door that has opened here in DUALTECH. I would like to have this big opportunity to thank you from the bottom of my heart, for believing in me, for giving me the chance in making a difference in my life. I would not be who I am today without DUALTECH and I owe it all from you.

Walang imposible sa buhay “KUNG KAYA KO, KAYA NYO RIN”. Maraming Maraming Salamat po… PROUD NA PROUD NYONG PRODUKTO.