A Generous Couple: Mr. & Mrs. Jack Herbster

Jack and Amor“It is not only in business you can grow your money; you can spend it when you give it to the right person. He will grow it because he would start earning, so then he could also help somebody. This is our investment”

This is the living principle of Mr. and Mrs. Herbster who have helped many scholars through financial assistance and parenting. Life is very simple for them. They are blessed with material wealth; and this gift is shared to the poor most especially to the young ones who have still hopes to succeed.

To be part of Dualtech mission was an easy decision, a slumdunk as described by Jack Herbster. He attributed it to the Holy Spirit that led them to Dualtech. It was in 2014 when they attended an Educhild seminar together with the other parents to learn their key role in the family. But since the language used was in Tagalog which is a foreign language for Jack, they diverted their attention into something more meaningful – to sponsor students. Mr. Jack Herbster shared, “When I saw the student who started the training from the basic, for me it is everything. That is a strong program. I dont see the end product but I see the beginning.” Ms. Amor Herbster added, “Dualtech is apostolate. They  want to give the people the CHANCE.  That is the one that got us here. They take the risk that they could able to form the person.”

Before they engaged with Dualtech, they did it differently and it was not always a success story. They have thought of what is good to somebody is what they think is good for them. It is not true. Scholars have to ask for what they need that serves them a good purpose. They cause them to think for themselves and commit for their education. Still, there are ungrateful fellows regardless of the support given but it never change their heart. These experiences helped them to do better.

One scholar told them, “I want to finish. I want to become an engineer, but I don't want to be an engineer to do engineering work, I want to teach engineers” This passion exists in many scholars who also take responsibility for the family. They do not mind being a janitor, or getting a meager allowance. They assume responsibilities of parents who could no longer be parents to them. The important thing for them they said “they come to you with a problem, one thing you should not do is have them go away. We give them hope or we send to somebody else to give them hope.” In this situation, they pray, talk about it, and brainstorm. “This is really something in life that the holy spirit works on us. The thing is we all have to be sensitive when we are dealing with these people because we all have Jesus inside of us.” Their objective is to be a parent to them so they could somehow improve the lives of their scholars. Though they do not have  their own biological child, this does not limit them to being a good parent to the many. They believe on the importance of family.

“We only give. We do not benefit from them and we help to multiply the graces of God. God always says, Save soul. You cannot save soul if you let your money sit down there. We will not see the benefit, you wont see it. But God will see the benefit and that is glorifying Him.” One scholar helped means one soul saved.

This chance of helping brings them joy. Ms. Amor Herbster was poor all her life and it  was her desire that when she was given the chance to make others happy, she will do it.

In the end, what they hope for scholars is to be self sufficient and be formed with their faith. With this, they will be thankful to the Lord God. When they do that, it is the only way they can say they are successful. For as long as they live, it is their mission, a lifetime project.