Fuji Electric Philippines, Inc.

dennis-ortiz"When you graduate, you earn the fruits of your P.H.D., meaning your PUNCTUALITY, HONESTY and DISCIPLINE. Be punctual - from the moment you apply for the job. Be honest - this is a sign of your dedication to your job, with your heart and mind in it. Be disciplined - have strong self-control when things are difficult on the job. Failure is an opportunity for improvement." -- Mr. Dennis Anthony L. Ortiz | Vice-President for Operations | Fuji Electric Philippines, Inc.

I know this is the most awaited moment for some of you who are dreaming to getting your salary, driving your own car, diba? Buy your own house? Working as a manager of a prestigious company. These are the dreams that normally come to the mind of graduating student after the hard days in school.

Lahat siguro ng magulang na may nagtatapos na anak sa kolehiyo ay nangangarap ng kahit papano ay guminhawa. It is true and I am one of these parents, that is also my dream.

Graduates, I want you to tell the next person to you “you look great today” and parents lets have a big hug.

My question ako mga graduates, “Do you want to be successful after graduation?”. Those who answered “No” pwede muna kayo matulog kahit 10 mins. For those who say “yes” makinig. For the next 5 to 10 minutes of my talk because im giving you the basic tips. For you to becoming successful, “Do you have P.H.D.?” Someone says ‘Sir naman 2 years lang course ko, tatanungin niyo pa ako kung may PHD ako.’ Im not telling the Masteral degree or doctoral degree, Im telling P.H.D. is “Punctuality, Honesty, Discipline’’.

PHD is very important. I want to share with you my learnings from my good trainor about this PHD. Today is a highly competitive business environment. From the moment you’ve applied for the job, from that moment, be punctual. This is the number 1 rule, arrive on time during exams and interviews at Fuji Electric. I am very particular in punctuality of an applicant, especially during the interview likewise also inside in the company, to my dealer.

Try to speak out punctuality at all times because we are in a Japanese firm. Alam niyo na kapag Japanese, avoid ningas kugon. I advise to you before coming to company especially from those who far, try to research about the location and how to reach place and know how to avoid being late. Kadalasan sa mga Boss na Japanese, they don’t accept excuses, there’s no room for mistake. Remember first impressions last. Once employed, be punctual. Coming to work daily and submitting your reports to your boss and during meetings and also be punctual going back to work after break times. This one are observed from the employees during probationary period, napakabait, halos di makabasag pinggan, pero pag naging regular lumalabas ang true colors.

It is important to be consistent in having good attitude. Friends, if you want to be successful keep a good attitude, be punctual at all times. In Fuji Electric, attendance is one common factor to be considered into promotion. Congrats sa naka graduate na perfect attendance, bihira yan. Attendance is one of basic consideration for selecting employees for overseas training. In Fuji Electric, we want to be fully handled by the locals and one of our programs is to send technicians, engineers to Japan.

So we started last month and the purpose of this is to transfer the technology to the Filipino people kasi nasa Pilipinas tayo.

Second, Honesty. How can be honesty help you to be successful? Be dedicated to your job, not only ang isip kundi pati na rin ang puso. As you perform to your company be trustworthy, be honest in everything you do, mahirap man, do not be corrupt, do not bribe whatever your position in the company.

Knowing is different from doing. Knowing the right thing is very easy but doing the right thing is the difficult part. Be contented to your salary, it will be given to you later once you deserved it. Perform good to the company, give your best. I assure you because you are the pride of Dualtech. Even on the best strategy, vision, mission, those are the basic practice which will not stand out without the right people. The right people are the people who drive the company to success.

What you need is Punctuality, Honesty and last is Discipline. Mahirap na nga, may anak isang dosena, wala na nga pamasahe sa pag-aapply, bibili pa ng sigarilyo. Friends if you are not disciplined individuals, you are not here today. Strive to improve yourself and have confidence from among others, strong self-control in corporate world, because many challenges may come to your way. Graduates when go out there, follow your dreams, aim greater high. Kapag bumagsak tayo, it is an opportunity to improve, apply everything from what you have learned from school, from mentors, from your group of friends. Nobody is perfect but no one can stop us from aiming profession. Tandaan niyo yan ‘everything is possible’.

Congratulations and thank you, good morning.

See it in Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FsCZ5JhPJN8