Like Fathers, Like Sons

DeBorja-FamilyRamiro De Borja works at Zenith Corporation, a partner company of Dualtech which owns a commissary plant of the Jolibee Group based in Laguna. He is an alumnus who graduated from Dualtech in 1991 and belongs to section/class A10. Ramir has two sons who also graduated from Dualtech: Russel 25 years old, of C-222 graduated in 2009 and Ramir, Jr. , 22 years old of Section C287 graduated in 2012. Both are now working as technicians: Russel with Pepsi Cola Phils. in Muntinlupa City at the Engineering Department and Ramir, Jr. at the Red Ribbon Commissary in Pasig City at its Production Department.

Ramir, Sr. comes from Pililla, Rizal. During his Dualtech days he was trained at RFM Corporation - Gerber Division (Engineering Department) where he learned much in both mechanical and electrical works. He was then hired at RFM - Indofood Corp. where he worked for 13 years before moving to his current company where the family decided to be located near at.  "While going through the training and applied exposure in the partner factory of Dualtech where I was assigned, I had to deal with more senior employees and overcome many difficult situations. I learned to show RESPECT to my co-workers, practice HUMILITY and sustain my interior DETERMINATION. Through the guidance of mentors, I was able to affirm very important VALUES in my daily life, most especially the following: FORTITUDE which refers to mental strength and courage that allows one to face danger or pain resolutely; PERSEVERANCE, continuing with effort to do or achieve goals despite difficulties or failure; JUSTICE, giving whatever is due or fair; TEMPERANCE, moderating one's action, thought or feelings; PRUDENCE, deliberating on things before deciding. Remembering these VIRTUES allowed me to keep on working to develop good personal CHARACTER and positive work ATTITUDE, ultimately striving towards greater LOVE of God". These principles are what Ramir regards as qualities that he wished his sons would also learn to imbibe being part of TATAK DUALTECH.

Arnold-Palacol-and sonsYet Ramir is not the first one to have sent his sons to study at Dualtech. The honor goes to one of the first five graduates of Dualtech in 1987, section A1, chairman of his class and first president of the first alumni general assembly namely Arnold Palacol. His sons Richard and Arnold, Jr. also took up the Dualtech course at the Binondo campus, completing their training in 2007 and 2008 respectively.

Arnold, Sr. was joined by his sons in UAE where he commissions and maintains industrial equipment. He himself tutors them automation skills in which he has become an expert on. Arnold hails from Pandacan, Manila where neighbors who witnessed his success got their sons to follow his footsteps at Dualtech as well. Many are now themselves successful professionals working in various industries here and abroad.

Arnold decided to send his sons to his alma mater because he wanted them not only to be grounded in solid technical foundation but more importantly to learn how to be good individual persons. Another son JONARD also wants to attend training in Dualtech. "I am very proud of the work my sons are doing and also very proud that they attended training at DUALTECH."

Similarly, another alumnus, esparaz-familyAdolf Esparas, Jr., who belongs to section A7 and graduated in 1990, when asked why his son Adolf III also enrolled at Dualtech, affirmed the testimonies of Arnold and Ramir: "I have engineers in my team who graduated from various reputable universities. When I learned that my son thought of becoming an engineer himself, we had a serious talk where I convinced him about the merits of solid professional training and grounding in technical experience where one attains high level of maturity. I thought those engineers did not have such thorough preparation in work. Dualtech became the logical option for my son. Fortunately, my son liked the idea even if he knew that I could afford to send him to a university of his choice.

Adolf Jr. works for a reputable food manufacturing company. His son, Adolf III (of section C311 and graduated in 2013), while at the Dualtech program was trained as OJT at Daiwa Seiko Phils. then got employed at URC for a year and transferred to Benison Corporation located in GMA Cavite, and has been working there as technician. He will pursue his Mechanical Engineering degree while continuing to work.    

The sons, each of whom has his own individual story to tell had one thing in common: They look up to their hardworking father and wanted to imitate “Dad”.

Like fathers, like sons indeed.

(There are three more fathers, Dualtech alumni, whose sons are still in the program)